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Announcement- KYA!!!!!!

The fangirl in me is totally dying right now (in a good way). So I tagged this video in the “Artist Profile” and MV section of each of the groups involved.

SM Entertainment just announced the formation of a new project group. This group, from the sounds of it, is more of a collaboration group and not an actual full-time group, so don’t get too worried, but it will definitely be performing so you’ll get to see a bit of it!

The new group debuting in less than 10 days is “S.M. The Ballad”. This group is comprised of a new singer named Jino (18), TRAX’s Jay, SHINee’s Jonghyun, and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The idea I’m getting from the press release about this (which pretty much just said they’d be releasing a CD the 26th) is that this is going to be like the Super Junior Sub Groups. No one is leaving their initial group. So don’t worry!


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I didn’t mean for this to turn into a SHINee MV review streak, but I’m really surprised I got so far behind on this group, I like them…

The song is kind of like a faster version of “Hello”, or I guess “Hello” is a slow version of this. This song is really what made SHINee mainstream. The song is a kind of personal pep-talk before confessing to a seemingly cold girl they like. I can’t say much about it, it’s very simple.
A.Mi.Go! I lose my mind when I see her/ A.Mi.Go! I’m unable to grab her by this hand/ A.Mi.Go!  I take courage, I pitch up!/ what do I do/ what do I do/ A.Mi.Go! I toss away my pride/ A.Mi.Go! My fast-beating heart bursts/ A.Mi.Go! The feeling of having her is great/ I might die, I think I’ll die

It’s hard to comment on that, you hardly see the dancing. Most shots are solo and “story” shots (I’ll complain about it later).

Story: What???/5
There is a story in this, that is sure, what is unclear is what the hell is supposed to be going on… In a train station Minho freezes when he sees a pretty girl, she strokes his chest as she passes and steals what I think is supposed to be his soul, then he runs all over the city to catch her, ending on a roof top where she gives him back his yellow-light-whatever and he reaches out to her like he’s going to steal her soul. I guess it’s a metaphor, but it’s way too abstract for this story. Plus when he reaches to take her soul or whatever the camera angle and expression just make it look like he’s about to grope her chest…

Other Things
The title of the song might confuse you. “A.Mi.Go!” is pronounced just like the Spanish word “Amigo” (friend), but that’s not what it is going for. “A.Mi.Go.” is the shortened form of the Korean phrase “아름다운 미녀를 좋아하면 고생한다”, romanized as “Areumdaun MInyeorueljoahamyeon GOsaenghanda”. It means “your heart aches when you fall in love with a beauty”, which explains the song a lot more. Now it sounds like all of SHINee’s songs though, with little exception they all seem to be about falling into a tough love…

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Ring Ding Dong- SHINee

Wow, sorry guys, I didn’t realize I was lacking on the SHINee reviews so badly! I have all of their MVs in my vault, I just tend to watch them without English subs, so I didn’t realize I had only reviewed “Lucifer” and “Hello” for you!

“Ring Ding Dong” is supposed to be the sound you hear in your head when you meet the girl (or guy I guess) of your dreams. This song is similar to “Sorry, Sorry” by Super Junior in that it’s a kind of arrogant love song (actually, it’s the same writer, so it’s the brother-song to “Sorry, Sorry”). Ring Ding Dong is a faster and more rock-style SHINee song asking the girl why she’s leaving the guys hanging and promising to love her. They also say that even though they may seem like a “bad-boy” that isn’t the case. Also as is the style of SHINee the chorus is very short and repetitive, all the action is in the verse. There are actually two repeated sections in the song, and you can think of either as a chorus, but they aren’t really attached. I’ll post both below.
Ring ding dong/ ring ding dong/ ring diggi ding diggi ding ding ding/ ring ding dong/ ring ding dong/ ring diggi ding diggi ding ding ding/ ring ding dong/ ring ding dong/ ring diggi ding diggi ding ding ding/ ring ding dong/ ring ding dong/ ring diggi ding diggi ding ding ding

and number 2
Baby, I can’t stop my heart/ oh crazy, so pretty I can’t bear it/ so crazy, if it isn’t you I don’t need it/ crazy, why am I like this?

The dance this time doesn’t really follow the song, but it fits perfectly with it. When they do the “Ring Ding Dong” part they sway to the side and hold their hands out, like the girl has kind of made them swoon or something and they’re catching themselves, but it works well. My personal favorite is whenever they say “butterfly”, they do a motion representing a butterfly with their hands (the member saying the word) and it looks cool.

No story, but the set is cool. It’s kind of a dark and dingy roof top most of the time, but you also get some shots inside a rundown building or car. The car shots are honestly kind of stupid, but I like the ones where the car is parked and they are dancing in water. I’m also not a fan of the last series of shots where the members sprout dark wings. I don’t understand it and it looks kind of dumb…. But I LOVE the shot where Key is in front of a mirror, walks away, and the mirror-Key looks at the camera, that’s a good call!

Other Things
This was the first shot of “Bad Boy SHINee”, “Lucifer” being the second (and last…). I like that they aren’t doing their jazz-style, as much as I like it this is a nice break. I understand completely why they didn’t keep the image though, they are brilliant, but they kind of loose their image of being just out of sync with other boy bands. I like that SHINee is always one or two steps from center, it keeps them famous ^^

Anyone else think it’s hilarious that the line “I’m a bad boy” belongs to Onew, the only member who I think it may be impossible to make look intimidating? And what is with Taemin drinking milk??? I know he’s the maknae (youngest member), but he’s still like 16 at this point. I don’t know about you, but I think the milk is like a 6 year old thing, not a 16 year old.

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Love Like Oxygen- SHINee

I’m actually favoring this one quite strongly right now, which is weird because I honestly wasn’t a fan when I first heard it, it was too boyband-y.

The song is very similar to “Lucifer” and “Amigo”… It’s odd how many SHINee songs are about being in a restricting love when you actually think about it… Anyways, this song is about being madly in love with a girl who is cold and distant (like “Lucifer” and “Amigo”~). It talks about how the girl is like oxygen or ice. She’s cold and distant, but can freeze the guy in place, or she is like oxygen (well, water vapor actually) the way she erodes the guy, referred to as chrome here. The chorus is really short here, but it repeats with a lot of mini verses in it.
“You’re like oxygen/ when I try to drink you in/ I can’t breathe you out/ in this intense agony/ can’t you see I’m dying like this?”

One of the hardest things to make look decent is a chair dance, and this MV heavily features the members dancing around chairs. It really works for this song though, I think it is the first time I’ve seen a chair dance that wasn’t just awkward… But the style fits very well, so I like it ^^

None here, just a few solo shots of members (with the same background for the most part) and a lot of group shots. I like it though, everything is kept pretty light and while the backgrounds of I think 3 members are the same the color of the light is different. Each member has their own color in this MV, and it worked well. Taemin is black, Key is pink, Minho is blue, Jonghyun is yellow or gold and leader Onew is green.

Other Things
The pace of the song is good, but I think they have Jonghyun singing in the background a little too much, especially during the rap. Plus the rap doesn’t really fit into the song well…

While I like this MV it isn’t one of my favorites for them. I like the jazz music style, but they were still new and still have that “I need to stand out” look to them. I totally get it, they were still making the name SHINee stick, and it’s the same for most bands. I should be thankful they didn’t say their name in the song ^^

Random thing I’d like to point out- Taemin looks older in this MV than in their newest, “Hello”… I get that he’s one of the babies of the Korean music industry, but he’s not Peter Pan, eventually they’ll have to let the boy have a grown up image for keeps~

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Hello- SHINee

This is SHINee’s newest MV from their repackaged “Lucifer” album (re-named “Hello”).

The song is a cute little love song similar in pace and tempo to “Noona is so Pretty (Replay)”. In the song they are greeting (or practicing greeting) the girl they are in love with and preparing to confess their feelings to her. Honestly with the way the song bounces back and fourth between asking the girl to understand their nervousness, describing how they are preparing, and speaking directly to the girl herself I think the song is supposed to be the members preparing and practicing what they are going to say to her. That or they are describing how they went about confessing to the girl. The MV kind of lends itself to the first theory though.
Hello, Hello/ I acted confidently/ Hello, Hello/ I want to talk to you for a moment/ Hello, Hello/ I might stutter a little, though/ who knows, we might actually be together

This is extremely different from “Lucifer” or “Ring Ding Dong”. It’s definitely a match to their old style before “Ring Ding Dong” and “Lucifer”.

Story: 5/5
Ok, so there isn’t really much of a story. Throughout the MV you see shots of them preparing to make their confession to the girl. I gave it high points because it was obviously filmed on a stage (not obviously in a bad way, the lighting is just too controlled for it not to have been) and the design is really amazing. Judging by the street sign in the background it’s supposed to  be New York, but it’s kind of clean for that one. I really like how they made the members solo shots stick to that members own personal confession scenario (Onew in a hallway, Taemin in his room, Minho in his car, Key on the staircase, and Jonghyun outside the girls door).

Other Things
I liked “Ring Ding Dong” and “Lucifer” mainly because they were finally out of the skinny jeans and had a more grown up image, especially Taemin. To be honest when I first saw this I was shocked- they actually managed to make Taemin look *more* like a 12 year old!

The style (as far as hair and clothing) is kind of a balance between “Lucifer” and “Juliette”. Yeah the bright colors are back for the most part, but they don’t go as overboard with the pastels as they used to.

I get why SM released this song after “Lucifer”, SM groups are known for their flexibility, and SHINee and F(x) in particular always stay just outside the normal style and patterns for girl and boy groups, so this helps them go back to that after they kind of started to enter the mainstream boy-band market with the more rock style songs.

I think Leader Onew’s style hasn’t changed once since debut…

SHINee and F(x) are extremely close brother and sister groups (their styles are similar and they tend to promote together). This MV kind of brings that to light again- SHINee’s street view looks like a more realistic version of F(x)’s from “Nu ABO”.

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SHINee- Lucifer (Review Update)

SM Entertainment just released a “Dance Version” of Lucifer.

Just as with the “Oh!” Dance Version, it is an informal one done not on a set but in SHINee’s SM Entertainment practice room.

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Lucifer- SHINee

To be honest the reason I didn’t do any movie or MV reviews yesturday was because I was listening to this song. The album was released yesterday (it’s on iTunes!) and the MV today, so it’s brand new ^^ I was really surprised to see that subbing teams have already put english to this video!

Lyrics: 9/5
While it might be confusing at first, the song really is amazing. It’s about feeling oppressed by a girl they love. Judging by the bridge in the song the girl has been keeping them close but restricted and they feel like they are in prison. They don’t hate the girl, they just feel burdened. The song is them asking the girl to back off a little so they can be in love.
If you tie me down and lock me up/ the future is tied down too, it can’t grow/ freely empty yourself and look at me/ I’ll fill you, I’ll fill you up/ your spell that I can’t reject is LUCIFER

Dancing: 5/5
I think this is the best dance they’ve had yet. It blows Ring Ding Dong out of the water, but there are some reflections back to that dance, especially with Taemin’s solo dance in the background. There is a lot of popping and complicated hand motions. My particular favorite is the last move. If you watch the MV you’ll see it, it’s cool but simple ^^

Story: NA
No story beyond the lyrics I think.

Other Interesting Things
I love the set for this MV. It’s shot to look like it is dark and underground, like a prison. There are fancy foreign cars in the back and a kind of back-light but they are dim and don’t flood the set. I really love the set, it looks cool.

In group shots I’m not sure why Taemin is the only one wearing black and red~ Everyone else is pretty uniform. I guess he is taking a new image of being the devil of the group instead of the cute maknae (Youngest member). Well, it works and looks great!

Ah~ SHINee’s stylist… If it isn’t the costumes it is the hair. In this MV the clothes are a lot cooler, but the hairstyles just look -_- . Usually the reverse is true. Member Minho just has a short haircut and really looks too short for him. And I really don’t think leader Onew has changed at all since the group debuted~ I love Taemin’s new look though, he used to have really puffy hair and now it’s just long and lays pretty flat, it looks great! I’m sorry, but Key looks ridiculous with half his head shaved and dyed blond.

This album and MV received a lot of controversy before it was even released. With just the album preview (which included maybe 15 seconds of the song) their fans started to get agitated. A lot of their Christian fans were worried about the content of a song called “LUCIFER”. SM Entertainment eventually had to release a statement saying that “Lucifer” merely meant a feeling of being in hell when trapped in love. Indeed, you can replace any mention of “Lucifer” in the MV with the word “Devil”, but it wouldn’t have sounded as cool, which is why I think they changed it. For example lines like “Her whisper is the LUCIFER”. It’s just devil, it’s harmless. I was really surprised all of this controversy came up after just a 15 second teaser of the song, but it seems to have died down a bit since SM Entertainment made their statement.

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