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Once In A Lifetime- Shinhwa

Told you I would find an MV! I really hate the english subbed version I have, it’s hard to read… So if I make a mistake, please find me a version of the MV I can actually read~ I ended up having to look up a translation of the lyrics to understand them… There is an english version of this MV, which doesn’t help when you’re looking for subs…

Lyrics: 5/5
This isn’t a love song. It’s more of a cheer-up song (though there is a line or two that resemble a love song, such as “If you notice the stars that resemble you, then I will confess my love for you”). It says that hard things happen, but you have to work hard to overcome them and move on, and that everything will be alright in the end.
Once in a lifetime fly to the star/ the stars will watch over your dreams/ once in your lifetime, for that day/ forever, we’ll work together/ so have love in your dreams
And here is the chorus from the English version.
Once in a lifetime, fly to the stars/ there’s no denying/ just believe in who you are/ once in your lifetime/ let me take you there/ cause you don’t have to¬† feel all alone/ you know I will be there

Dancing: NA
What dancing? We’re not watching the same MV, are we?

Story: NA
What MV are you watching??? The story is in the lyrics. I like it ^^ It shows a lot of people with dreams of their own, and people who helped them make it come true. You see kids with simple dreams, like a little boy with a toy space ship or a guy who likes to doodle, then you see them grown up. The little boy is now either an engineer who works on spaceships, or an astronaut. The doodler is a (hot) painter. The two little kids holding each others hands are married. The girl who threw a dove to the sky is a mother, and the nerd is some kind of politician (maybe President?).

Other Interesting Things
This is the first MV for this group I’ve ever seen… Apparently they were under SM Entertainment for a while, but changed companies. I’m guessing this, because there was another MV I started to watch that I could only find in very low quality, but it had an SM Entertainment logo on it. So it looks like the group switched companies… That has nothing to do with this MV, but if a fan of Shinhwa could explain the group to me I would be thankful!!! I really like them~

In “Boys Over Flower” the mega-corporation who runs the school and pretty much is at the back of everything (since the main guy is the heir and all) is also called Shinhwa… I don’t know if there is a connection, and once again it is irrelevant to the MV, but if anyone knows if there is a relation there please let me know!

Evil illegible subbed version~

English Version (Actually, it is the Korean MV with the audio track replaced by the English version and the english subbed for you in case you didn’t understand)


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