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Miss You- SM The Ballad

Not awkward!

Lyrics: 6/5
I love sad songs, and this is a truly beautiful one. The song is about being in love with a girl who cannot forget this guy she used to love, and they cannot continue to love her because it hurts them too much. They aren’t saying they are giving up on the girl, they are saying they will miss her until she is ready to forget the last love and return. They say they should forget her and ask if she is ready to come to them yet. It has a brilliant pace and the lyrics are very clear. As trademark of a ballad song the chorus is very short, and the verse controls most of the song.
“My love can’t come to its place/ it’s going as far as the many tears I’ve cried/ I have to forget you/ I miss you so much/ Even if you don’t know that it hurts/ I forget”

Dancing: NA
SM The Ballad is not a dance group, they are a ballad group, so they stand in place.

Story: 5/5
See??? When you give them a storyline the members do not look so darn awkward around one another! I’m sorry I don’t know the names of the two lead actors, I know one was in a popular drama recently, I think “King of Baking”, but I’m not sure who the girl is, just that she works for SM Entertainment (at least that’s what my Korean roommates told me). The story is a bit fairy-tale like, but it fits very well with this song. A young man wakes up one morning and gets a call from a friend about a meteor (or at this point is it called a meteorite?). The man takes a few pictures of the thing as it crashes, flaming, to earth and continues on his way. On the way to wherever he’s going he sees a large crater in the road with feathers all around, he continues past it and sees an angel curled in the alleyway. Her wings retract to reveal bad cuts, so he takes her back to his place and takes care of her, cleaning the wound on her back (and not knowing it heals on it’s own as soon as he is gone). The two quickly fall in love, but two guys who look like pimps in white suits (presumably other angels) come after her. The guy tries to save her from them, but they try to kill him until her wings reappear and she throws them back. He wakes up again in his bed just like the day before, but when he turns on his camera to see the pictures of the meteorite he sees images of a flying angel.

Other Things

The group is MUCH easier to watch now that there are others to hold the focus of the MV. There is less awkward hand action (but Kyuhyun still does that half-up thing with his arm) and some of the shots in the story are a little corny, but all together it fits really well. I like this MV TONS more than “Hot Times”, and I hope to see a lot more STORY MVs from them in the future ^^


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Hot Times- SM The Ballad

This has to be the most awkward MV I’ve ever seen~ It was a bad idea from the start, but I’ll get into that later.

Lyrics:  3/5
The message of the song is a little confusing, and the English doesn’t fit with it. You can usually figure out what they were trying to say, but sentences are incomplete or mistranslated… Anyways, the main song is reminiscing over a relationship. They always refer to it in the past tense, but also say they “don’t want to test our love”, so I’m not sure if the relationship is supposed to be over or what… I think it’s just supposed to be in a rocky place. They talk about the more passionate times in the relationship as well as describe themselves as being alone and afraid before meeting the girl.
Hot times/ when I open my eyes to you/ all my life time/ it’s ok if I only have you/ Even if you shake me or test me/ I can’t do anything but endure it/ You’re my only person

As the name suggests, SM The Ballad is a ballad group… AKA- No dancing… That might have helped with this awkwardness though…

Story: NA
The sets are dark and relatively bare rooms where the members are singing, sometimes together, sometimes individually, and sometimes just a couple of them with no sets. In the background a lot is a dancing couple, they are never explained and don’t tell a story or anything.

Other Things

Ok, why they should be called (at least in this MV) “SM The Awkward”: The singers are the sole focus of this MV. Directing 101 tells us that when you have a serious ballad group who doesn’t dance at all you ABSOLUTELY AND POSITIVELY CANNOT make them the focus of your MV. There always has to be a story playing (think of any 2AM MV). The issue here is that the members are always on screen, and they are definitely not comfortable. The hands are what kill me- they don’t know what they’re supposed to do, so they tend to wave them around pointlessly, and just look awkward.

Member Kyuhyun (from Super Junior) is particularly awkward in this, but it’s fun to watch: he doesn’t know what to do when the camera is on him like that, but he doesn’t want to raise his arm, yet at the same time he can’t just leave it there. The result is little flapping motions that do not extend above hip-level. Also, when he is in the background but not singing he’s staring off into space with this bored-as-hell face. Keep an eye on him and you’ll see.

The only person who does well (or at least less awkward) in this MV is Jay (from TRAX). He’s used to being the solo singer. He puts tons of expression in his face to compensate for the awkwardness. The most overdone award goes to Jonghyun (from SHINee) who I think will go postal if they don’t give him choreography soon, he’s EXTREMELY twitchy! He’s another one who is fun to watch. And Jino has that newly-debuted awkwardness that’s kind of adorable, so you just have to smile when he’s on screen ^^

I like how the MV was filmed with very dim colors. It looks cool, and it would be a great look for this group in any other MV. But for a song called “Hot Times” you kind of expect more color… This looks more like “Nap Time”.

Visually this is the most awkward MV I’ve ever seen. Not bad, but cringe-worthy.  The group’s first MV was much better. I hope they learned their lesson about avoiding making ballad singers the sole focus of an MV, especially for a song of this tempo that could support choreography.

And a bonus live performance, which was not awkward since they had microphones, so that means they didn’t have to do any awkward hand-twitches. Keep your eyes open at 1:44 – 1:50 for, what I think, is the BEST expression ever given to a camera during a song. Kyuhyun definitely practiced making faces in the mirror before going on!