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Announcement- KYA!!!!!!

The fangirl in me is totally dying right now (in a good way). So I tagged this video in the “Artist Profile” and MV section of each of the groups involved.

SM Entertainment just announced the formation of a new project group. This group, from the sounds of it, is more of a collaboration group and not an actual full-time group, so don’t get too worried, but it will definitely be performing so you’ll get to see a bit of it!

The new group debuting in less than 10 days is “S.M. The Ballad”. This group is comprised of a new singer named Jino (18), TRAX’s Jay, SHINee’s Jonghyun, and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The idea I’m getting from the press release about this (which pretty much just said they’d be releasing a CD the 26th) is that this is going to be like the Super Junior Sub Groups. No one is leaving their initial group. So don’t worry!


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Dream of Being a Hero- Super Junior KRY

This is KRY’s only faster paced song, and it is actually kind of uplifting, not depressing like their normal songs. But I won’t hold that against them 😉

The song is about feeling lost and alone. They talk about suffering through trials and living with a closed heart, not letting their pain show. Despite this they choose not to be depressed, but to be the hero of their life. They say they are not worried about what pain they may encounter because of the one they love who is with them. Thanks to this person they could be happy again and have the strength to live well.
I am the hero of my life/ I’ll get up once again/ call to me like dreams that shine like jewels/ I’m the hero in a dream/ I will run until the end/ Now I’m not afraid/ because I have you by my side like this

This time you don’t see the members at all, let alone any dancing. Besides, they are KRY, who does not dance.

This is yet another OST, so the only story is for the show this MV belongs to.

Other Interesting Things
This song is much more upbeat than KRY’s usual stuff, it is a very good song, and it still holds the thought out and deep nature of their other songs.

The drama it belongs to is “Partner”, for those of you who are interested.

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The One I Love- Super Junior KRY

This is another OST MV, so I’m really only reviewing lyrics…

Think 2AM’s “A Friends Confession” or Dong Bang Shin Ki/ Tohoshinki’s “Why Did I Fall in Love With You” and you’ve got it. The song is about being in love with a friend and missing your opportunity to tell them you love them. This song makes it sound like they tried to admit their love for the girl, but it was too late and their confession made it harder for her.
Even though I know/ I can’t do anything/ All I can do is think of you/ even with both my eyes closed/ or even with them open/ I’m thinking about one person only

Super Junior KRY does not dance to songs

This is an OST for a drama, so the story would be contained in the drama itself and I will not review it separately from this drama. Looks like it had a happy ending though.

Other Interesting Things
This is my favorite KRY song, it is very mournful but also sweet. The lyrics are great and the singing is perfect.

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Just You- Super Junior KRY

This is Super Junior’s trio K.R.Y. which features lead vocalists Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, and Yesung.

I love sad songs like this. It is about being in love with a girl and asking her to give them a chance. They say that even though they may have shortcomings they hope the girl can try to love them just once. They ask for only a chance, nothing more.
Just love me once/ there is not once thing you should forget/ for just a moment think about me/ just that/ it is barely just to that extent

Super Junior KRY does not dance.

This is the OST for a drama, and so the MV is made up of shots from that drama. There is no story that can be put with the MV itself.

Other Interesting Things
I don’t consider OST MVs as real MVs, but that is all Super Junior KRY does, so whenever I hear a song I especially like I will review it, just as I did for Yesung’s “It Has to Be You”.

The subbed version I found is a longer one (probably from the drama soundtrack) and is a mixture of shots from the Drama MV mixed with shots of a live performance. I’m going to give it to you anyways since the audio is what is important for OST reviews.

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