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Love Rain- Taewoo

After hearing this song parodied so much on the program “Invincible Youth” by Taewoo himself and the other girls, I had to look it up. I like it!

The song is a message to a girl the singer loved. He talks about trying to move on with his life but being unable to after she leaves him. Whenever he tries to move on he remembers everything in their relationship that was beautiful. He keeps praying to the heavens for love. It is a song about pain and loss, but the beat is quicker than you would expect, it’s really nice.
I just look up at the sky/ and cry out “please love me again”/ if only this small wish in my heart/ would turn into rain and fall from the sky/ if my love comes into your head/ the memories come alive again/ if my love comes into your heart/ I’m reminded of our precious love/ if my love touches your lips/ you cry out to me that you love me/ following the rainy street/ as you walk walk walk/ you will see the me that you were waiting for

There is no dancing in this song

Story: 5/5
It is kind of like a mini-drama that takes place during the song. You see Taewoo talking to a friend. The friend asks if he is drunk and he reminds him he just went through a breakup. The music video follows Taewoo as he arranged with his friend to turn his letter to his girlfriend into a song, recorded it, and performed it at his concert. After the concert he has no word from the girl and sadly leaves, only to find her standing outside waiting for him.


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