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What Are You Looking At? (Close Your Mouth)- M&D

M&D is a project group featuring Heechul of Super Junior and Jungmo of TRAX, so I’m tagging both original groups as the M&D tag!

Lyrics: 7/5
This is a VERY arrogant song, but the content is rather unique, and I love it ^^. The song takes place during a fight between a boyfriend and a girlfriend. The boy is asking what style the girl wants: rock, rap, dance. Sounds like she keeps complaining and left the guy as a way to try and make him change. He is having none of it though and says things like “There are no men waiting for you” and “There are plenty of girls waiting for me”. He later talks about the girl wanting to get back together saying “I have no time to meet you, I am with other girls then”. “Snarky” barely begins to cover this song ^^

Okay, fine/ should I dance?/ Okay, I understand/ should I rap?/ okay, good choice girl/ should it be rock?/ I got it/ get off, get off, get off/ (what are you looking at)/ there are plenty of girls looking for me/ (what are you looking at)/ there are no men chasing you/ (what are you looking at)/ that’s the difference between me and you/ Even so, you’re leaving?/ That’s great, oh bye, bye bye

Dance: NA
No dance for this duo

Story: 3/5
Heechul directed this himself, and the quality is really good! The MV doesn’t really tell a story though, so I had a lot of trouble deciding if it should be treated like a story MV. Basically it’s Heechul walking through the halls of the SM Entertainment Apgujeong EverySing store (a karaoke studio and press release studio run by SME) with his friends from Chocoball, a club for 4D celebrities with the AB blood type run by Heechul. Miss A’s Jia is featured as a girl who leaves Heechul then keeps trying to get him back. That is all there is as far as story goes, otherwise he’s just grabbing his friends from the hallways.

Other Things
For an MV Heechul claims to have filmed in ten minutes (most of it is one-shot style) I think this was really well done. It’s more fun to watch than a lot of MVs from professional directors.

The snarky song, the unusual MV style, everything works well in this. I absolutely love this MV.

In the lyrics Heechul repeatedly says “Get off”. These are the official lyrics, but in the song and MV he seems to be saying “Get up” instead. I’m not sure what the verdict here is as far as which are the actual lyrics.

One comment against Heechul: his lip-sync is overdone. He isn’t as bad as DBSK (THEY NEED LIP-SYNC CLASSES!), but it’s definitely a tad over the top.

This is the first MV I’ve linked to here where I actually subbed it. I hope you like my style! I couldn’t find a good version with subs that wasn’t hard to read or wrong in parts, so I subbed it myself.


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Oh My Goddess- TRAX

This is the one that just came out today ^_^

I’m a little unclear about the purpose of this song. I think the subs for the one I have are a little unclear, I’ve seen a couple of mistakes here and there and I’m wondering if I just need to wait for something clearer. Anyways, from what I can tell I think the song is about being madly in love with a beautiful and kind girl and saying they would be willing to do anything for them. It’s a confession of love and is really nice. The pace is fast the lyrics are catchy, I love it and I’m sure it will do extremely well!
The eyes, the eyes get me to look only at you girl/ my heart, my heart is already filled by you/ accept it, my heart’s impatiently waiting baby/ the eyes, the eyes that only look at you boy/ my heart, my heart that stole her heart, boy/ oh, enough with the things that will tire me more/ no more baby/ oh my goddess

It’s TRAX, there is none.

I don’t think there is a story to this MV. The song is carried by shots of TRAX in a white house wearing all white as well as shots of this MV’s leading lady Seohyun from SNSD dressed in white and smiling or doing other things that kind of make me think the camera is the boy watching her.

Other Things
I got to see this song performed live at SM Town Live two weeks ago ^^ it was an awesome preview and I’ve had the song stuck in my head since then, so I was REALLY excited to hear the preview of the song in the teaser.

Jay (the singer) is looking extremely young as opposed to how he looked in TRAX’s last video. I like that SM singers are releasing lighter and happier songs (Super Junior’s No Other being the other one). When a singer smiles in a song they always look cooler ^^ And Jay is actually quite cute when he smiles (ok, that’s enough fan-girling for one review).

There are a few shots in this that really make me want to meet the director and shake his hand. It’s your typical circle shot, but with the members jumping and turning slightly in the same direction the cameras spin. You’ll see it for yourself, but it’s really amazing. I love the shot! Also the intro just before the first chorus of the song when the camera flashes between the singer and Jungmo (the guitarist) in white. That looks brilliant!

I love the set, that’s all I can say. My favorite things here are the set and how cute the singer looks when he’s smiling or doing that half-pout thing he goes into ^^

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Tri-Angle- DBSK, TRAX, BoA

This song was mainly performed by DBSK, but label-mates TRAX and BoA also performed in the song and on live stages.

Lyrics: 5/5
I swear this song inspired Super Junior’s Don’t Don on some level. It has the exact same message and feel~ which isn’t a bad thing! The song is about how people have become so hard-hearted and cold that they no longer care for one another and the world is falling apart because of it. It isn’t about living through the pain, like Don’t Don, but it is about loosing hope and just begging things to return to the way they were.
Hardened hearts cause tears of blood/ Now what do I have to motivate myself?/ Like the existence of the beautiful things in life/ The hopes in our hearts for the future are dead

Dancing: 4/5
You don’t get to see too much of it, which is why I took a point off. DBSK is supposed to be a dance group, but for some reason in a lot of their MVs they just stand still and you don’t get to see much of the actual group dance. What is there, however, is brilliant and perfectly together.

Story: 2~/5
I’m kind of wavering on what to put for the story rating here. There is a story in the lyrics, that is usually the case, but I’m not sure if there is a story in the MV. You see each group inside this same floating building, with BoA being an angel (I think) and TRAX being in the basement (maybe they are supposed to be in hell~). I think this could represent that DBSK (who sing most of the song) are on earth caught between the rising devils of TRAX and the sinking angel that is BoA? If so, it is a good story, but they need to make it clearer. I’m thinking this through as I type, so if something doesn’t make sense, that’s why ^^.  If there is no story just pretend there is a big NA where the rating is.

Other Interesting Things
This MV was filmed middle of winter. In the behind the scenes you see the DBSK members (who are all wearing very little clothing) huddling together to stay warm or over stage lights. Since most of them are wearing thin very thin clothing, and one has thick metal bands on his fingers, I feel sorry for them!

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