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Holding an Umbrella- Hangeng

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This MV is very much unrelated to the other two. If “Moths to Flame (Fire)” and “Say No” really are supposed to form a story then this is the outlier.

This song can actually be taken two different ways. Either it is a song about being thankful to a lover for always being there for them or a song thanking parents for their love and support (this is what the MV leans towards). The song asks what would happen if they had never met, would the singer still be able to be as happy as they are? Though no doubt there are going to be fangirls who insist this is a secret message to Super Junior~
What would happen if I didn’t meet you?/ Would my heart still be wandering?/ In an unknown night an unknown wound hurts/ delusions/ what would happen if I didn’t meet you?/ would I still be able to see this heaven?/ You always silently accompany me by my side/ you’ve taught me how to be strong

There is no dancing in this MV. Though Hangeng was recently voted the “Dancing King of Asia” over usual winner Show Luo, he only danced in his first MV “Moths to Flame (Fire)”.

Story: 5/5
This is a REALLY sad story~ You see Hangeng as a normal kid living with his parents. He leaves for work on his bike after bidding farewell to both. On the way he picks a bundle of small wild flowers. He isn’t having a good day though. Coming out of a turn he is hit by a truck (not hard). He gets up, dusts himself off, naggs the driver, and goes on his way. He is a night patrol man somewhere and during his patrols he is attacked by a ferocious~ puppy ^^ He shares his food with it and plays. Hangeng then returns to his post where he spends the rest of the night trying to write a letter to someone. He returns home the next day to crying faces and a crowd at his home. Upon seeing his body on the ground in front of his parents he realizes he was actually killed when the truck hit him, and his body is still holding tightly to the flowers. For me the saddest part of all this is that it means the dog was dead too! ūüė¶ and it was REALLY cute…. ūüė¶

Other Things
This is the second MV Hangeng filmed with no makeup or hair styling done as a way to keep with the theme of being reborn.

I think the two story MVs were Hangeng’s way of finally getting to act, something he continuously complained about when he was with SM Entertainment (for 2 years I think he mentioned in almost every interview he would love to get an acting opportunity).

I *am* keeping score, and this is the third MV in which Hangeng dies. The others are Zhang Li Yin’s “Timeless” and “Left Shore of Happiness/ I Will” series. Though if you count “Timeless Part 1” and “Timeless Part 2” it is the fourth. I still need to review those…

This song, I think, really illustrates what Hangeng meant when he said that for this album he has no theme, he sings song styles he’s always wanted to, regardless if they are dance songs or not. “Say No” and “Moths to Flame (Fire)” both have a similar feel, at least you can imagine them being on the same album, but this is a very slow and simple ballad.


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Minah, Bonamana (Beautiful, Obviously)- Super Junior

I was totally impressed by this MV, but for many different aspects.

Lyrics: 5/5
This song is perfect. It’s edgy and fast paced. The lyrics are about confessing to the girl you love (“Minah” meaning Beautiful or Beautiful Girl). They are cocky without being arrogant and are quite romantic. The lyrics imply a¬†previous relationship with the girl, be it as friends or just acquaintances. The guy feels rejected by being ignored, and is making a final plea (which is quite catchy).
Bounce to you, bounce to you/ My heart is racing towards you so fast that it cannot be caught/ Break it down to you, down to you/ my heart is yours, if I can’t have you, it will stop/ Look at me/ Do you see me or not? Do you see me or not? / A man like me/ You neglect me, you neglect me, you neglect me, even if you look back/ Even if you look and look, look and look, there’s no one but me/ ¬†Obviously, Obviously, Obviously (baby you turn it up now)

Perhaps the point and punch move wasn't so well planned~

Dance: 5/5
The group performs this dance perfectly in sync, which cannot be easy with 10 members! The dance is snappy and the skill level looks solid¬†across, no lags and no difference in pace. The dance has a very old feel, reminiscent of the gang dancing in the beginning of “West Side Story” at parts, though the choreographer said the style was ice skating. My only complaint in the dance goes to the choreography itself, not the execution of¬†it: The move of hitting the fist and some of the popping moves make it look more like if the woman does go to the man she’s going to be¬†beaten up, not very romantic! But it still looks cool and makes the guys look cool, which is perhaps what it was meant to do.

Story: NA
This MV doesn’t have a story outside of the one in the lyrics, it is just a display meant to charm the girl into falling for them.

Overall: 5/5
The lighting, the shots, the costumes, everything in this MV is amazing. It has no back story shown within the MV, but you don’t lose focus at all, once the MV starts you have to watch it all the way through.

Other Interesting Things
Ok, whoever the lighting director was for this MV was a complete GENIOUS! The group dances are done on a dark reflective floor under a light which travels front to back in a wave. The light is constantly changing, like a swinging lamp. In solo shots the effect is repeated, making it almost hypnotic and creating the mental image of someone standing by you as traffic passes or walking next to you.

I like the costumes! The differences between the costumes are subtle to the point where you do not always notice that they’ve been changed. With the change in costume is a change in style, usually from a softer look to a sharper one. Very cool!

This MV is Super Junior’s first since debut¬†which did not include every member (three are missing for those of you not familiar with the group). It has been getting¬†very mixed reviews because of this. While the MV is always reviewed positively, there is always someone lamenting about the absence of¬†the three members (One is concentrating on acting, one is entering the army for his service required under Korean law of all men, and one is currently¬†in a lawsuit against the company for their extremely controversial and restrictive contracts). I would just like to say that they did an amazing job and people should recognize that, not dwell on what or who isn’t there.

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Blue Tomorrow- Super Junior M

Ok, this is one of my FAVORITE MV’s of all time, even though there is no dancing and the song tells most of the story.

Lyrics: 5/5
This song is about loosing the¬†one you love, and not being ready to let go. It is a slow ballad and it’s absolutely beautiful. The lyrics talk about remembering the good times of a relationship lost. They reflect hope that in the future (tomorrow) things will go back to the way they were. It is a heartbreaking song, and completely amazing I think.
Beside me, the loneliness is spreading/ my sight, became blurred by tears/ the sentence “I love you” is kept at the bottom of my heart, at the tips of my lips/Until tomorrow, you will leave my side/ Until tomorrow, I’ll be wishing alone to the shooting star/ like the ending of a movie/ who predicted how we would end up to be¬†like this?/ The promises that were shattered¬†into pieces/ The yesterday that is impossible to piece back/ Yet I am still hoping for a miracle to happen, oh no/ But you became further and further away

Dancing: NA
There is none! While this group usually dances, this song contains no choreography, like most ballads.

Story: NA
The story is not told through any video within the MV, but it is in the lyrics. The MV shows the men sitting miserably or standing staring off into space with mournful expressions.

Overall: 4.9999/5
Muted colors, somber expressions, everything in this MV is brilliant. It lost a very small point because of a change in expression (I’m picky about that). After shedding his tear, the leader (Hangeng) smiles slightly. This doesn’t seem to fit with the pace of the song, which never really turns cheerful. But it could just be me, maybe others won’t see that as a happy smile, but as a somber one. You choose.

Other Interesting Points
I love the costumes. They are muted colors, the sharpest one being a faded light blue. I think they convey the tone of the MV strongly, and work extremely well.

Camera angles during the MV are incredible. The director likes to line up two who are singing consecutively, shoot the first one in the background with the foreground out of focus, then snap the focus onto the closer one and blur the background. This fits the song well, and it is cleanly done, which gives the whole effect pretty well. Unfortunately in one of these shots the guy coming into focus was looking away from the camera, so all you get is the back of his head~

This MV was shot¬†within the same three day-two night period as the groups other MV “SuperGirl”, which is very upbeat and includes hard dancing. Despite how exhausted the group must be, it doesn’t show in their faces and they are completely focused on the song. Unlike in many MVs, the people who the camera are not on do not go blank-faced and lose their expression, each member acts as though the camera remains on him. This keeps the theme going and is brilliant.

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No Ttaemune (Because of You)- After School

This MV is perhaps one of the most addicting. But not all of it is particularly¬†excellent in my opinion. I’ve broken it down to review it in¬†full-

Lyrics: 5/5
For those of you who haven’t seen, “No Ttaemune¬†(Because of You)” is a song not about falling in love, not about breaking up, but about reflecting back on the person you loved and realizing you still love them. The lyrics beg¬†the mystery man to return, as well as lament about loosing that love.¬† I think the song is good because it is fresh content you don’t see often. While personally my mindset is “Move on!”, I like the tone the music takes.¬† Unlike many songs of this nature, “No Ttaemune¬†(Because of You)” does not go with a soft slow beat, but has a fast pace and an almost angry tone, though the lyrics do not often reflect this.
“Because of you I cried a lot/ Because of you I also laughed a lot/ Because of you I believed in love/Because of you, because of you, I lost it all/ It’s really o-o-opressive, s-s-suffocating, a-a-asfixiating/The world without you/ It chewed out my heart, it crushed my pride/ It ripped my heart apart, why did you leave me?”

Dancing: 4/5
More than the lyrics, it is the dance of¬†“No Ttaemune¬†(Because of You)” that earns the MV constant replay. The dance itself is strong and precise, reflecting the pain the lyrics reveal. My personal favorite moment is during “o-o-opressive, s-s-suffocating, a-a-asfixiating”. The dance is together and powerful, and conveys extra meaning to the song. It looses a point however for being a bit leader-focused, as she is the center of almost all the action in group shots.

What does this have to do with a broken heart? I have no clue~

Story: 1/5
While the song is good, and the dancing is good, the MV story takes on a very “Wait, what?” attitude. After watching it the viewer is totally confused. While it seems initially to have been about a love between two of the members of the group, it is not clear what exactly drew them apart, or if they are moving on from this love together or what the hell¬†is supposed¬†to be going on. Also, in the end is a man sitting in front of his TV watching them with pictures all round of members, as though he is the one they were singing about. While each shot individually fits the story (for the most part) as a whole it does not fit together and seems under-developed.

Overall: 2/5
The dancing and the lyrics¬†gave this MV¬†points, but what is holding it back is the story. It just doesn’t make sense to me. The song and the video¬†go closely together, so you can’t help but link them. However, when the video part makes absolutely no sense, it just ends up confusing.

Other Interesting Things:
I liked the costume changes between the black background and the white. You have to watch the MV to get it, but each members costumes are similar, they are just reversing the colors. They are not exact, but it looks good and doesn’t distract the viewer.

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