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Artist Profile- 2 AM MV List

This Song

This Song (English Subtitles)
**MV Not Found**

A Friend’s Confession
~If you turn on captions the video has been subbed. This link is to 2AM’s official YouTube page, so the subs are accurate~

I Can’t Let You Go (Even if I Die)

I Can’t Let You Go (Even if I Die) [English Subtitles]

I Did Wrong Part 1

I Did Wrong Part 1 (English Subtitles)

I Did Wrong Part 2

I Did Wrong Part 2 (English Subtitles)



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Artist Profile- 2 AM

I like this group ^^

One thing to understand about 2 AM is their back story. They were actually part of the group called “One Day”, an 11 member team created to take on Super Junior (I’m not making that up, that is how they were advertised, as a way to compete with Super Junior, who was gaining immense popularity with their song “Don’t Don” at the time).  One Day didn’t work out, in fact they never made it to the stage. Sometime between being announced and actually debuting they were split into two. Their direct brother group (the other half of One Day) is 2 PM. Don’t look all surprised, like you couldn’t guess something was up with there being a 2AM and 2PM.

L-R: Seulong, Changmin, JoKwon, Jinwoon

2 AM is made up of 4 of the original 11 members (the other 7 being in, you guessed it, 2PM). They focus on ballad songs and slower music.

2AM is also known as “The Morning Class”, and 2 PM is “The Afternoon Class”. This name isn’t usually used by fans, but I’ve seen the term crop up here and there on nearly every program they have appeared on.

Back when they were all still One Day, 2Am and 2PM were part of a show called “Hot Blood” (you can find this show subbed on YouTube). The show was advertised to the members as a documentary following the lives of trainees preparing to debut. However, once One Day arrived at their destination (a large house they were to film at set in the mountains), the true purpose of the show was revealed. JYP Entertainment felt the members had become lazy in training, and so they were going to put them through the hardest training they had ever received. With each task they were given (Singing while running uphill, practicing rythm through boxing, impromptu rap, etc.) they were ranked, who improved the most and who improved the least. At the end of the whole affair three people would be not only removed from One Day, but expelled from JYP Entertainment entirely.

2AM was also the focus of the mini-documentary “2 AM Day”. This was not formally filmed. The members were given a camera and filmed everything themselves. The members filmed things surrounding their release of the song “I Did Wrong”, from the MV to their first live. Of course, the members also filmed such events as taking a bath (you don’t see anything), seeing if they could stuff almonds up a sleeping members nose then get him to eat it (he did), visiting their families, and even just sitting in the car making faces at the camera.


1st Single Album
1) This Song
2) Not Beacause
3) What Do I Do
4) This Song (Instrumental)
5) Not Because (Instrumental)

2nd Single Album
1) A Friend’s Confession
2) Lost
3) Although You’ve Turned Around Now
4) A Friend’s Confession (Instrumental)
5) Lost (Instrumental)
6) Although You’ve Turned Around Now (Instrumental)

1st Mini Album
1) Intro
2) I Can’t Let You Go (Even if I Die)
~~This song won 2AM their very first award~~
3) I’m Sorry I Can’t Laugh For You
4) I Love You
~~This song features Baek Chan and Joo Hee of the group 8eight~~
5) To Her
~~This features Chansung of 2PM~~
6) Laugh (Outro)

1st Mini Album (Repackaged)
1) Prologue
2) I Did Wrong
3) What Do I Do?
4) Not Because
5) Although You’ve Turned Around Now
6) Lost
7) I Can’t Let You Go (Even if I Die)
8] I’m Sorry I Can’t Laugh For You
9) I Love You
~~This song features Baek Chan and Joo Hee of 8eight~~
10) To Her
~~This song features Chansung of 2PM~~
11) Epilogue (Laugh)



Changmin has the record of being the only idol in Korean music history to have debuted AFTER completing his mandatory military service. He entered the military at a young age (twenty) and was given 2 years off from JYP Entertainment to do so. He was raised in Canada as a child and can speak English. Changmin was the only member of One Day who did not take place in the show “Hot Blood”, as he was just finishing up his military service at the time (it’s all the same anyways, the members were being put through drills by ex-soldiers). Changmin is known for being goofy. He is the only member of 2AM to not be a regular on the show “We Got Married”, though he has appeared in several episodes. He also served as a DJ for the radio program “Starry Night Radio” with SNSD member Sooyoung.


Seulong is one of the most popular members of 2AM. He is known for his serious appearance and powerful acting, though on shows he has proven himself recently to be a total dork. He appeared in 2PM’s “Wild Bunny”. As 4 members of 2PM were on vacation when an episode of the reality show was to be filmed, the remaining members got together with Seulong and JoKwon to form the group “Dirty Eyed Girls” and filmed a parody of the Brown Eyed Girls song “Abracadabra”. Seulong is a commentator for the show “We Got Married”, and so far has appeared in every episode (save maybe a handful) with the JoKwon-Gain couple. While he does not physically appear in every episode, he almost always calls in during filming or the “couple” talk about him. Because of this he is jokingly called the third wheel of the duo. He debuted as an actor with the highly popular show “Personal Preference” and is currently promoting his song “Nagging” with singer IU.


Despite being one of the younger members, JoKwon is the leader of 2AM. This is the only case I am aware of where the leader was not within a month or two of being the eldest member (if the leader isn’t the eldest). The reason for this is that he trained the longest out of everyone at JYP Entertainment- debuting 10 days after his 7 year anniversary with the company. JoKwon is known for his “ssanti” dance (cheap dance) that defies description here (youtube it). He is also known for his outrageous and flamboyant personality. JoKwon claims one of his specialties is English, though when faced with a foreigner he either does not speak at all or speaks so rapidly no one can tell what language he is speaking (he does this to hide the fact that he doesn’t know much english at all). JoKwon was a member of the Dirty Eyed Girls with Seulong. He re-wrote “Abracadabra” for the “Group”. He formed a fake couple for the show “We Got Married” with Brown Eyed Girls member Gain (pronounced gah-een). The couple is one of the most popular on the show and acts so close they constantly face questions as to if they are dating in real life. 2AM members do not know for sure, but insist they must be. Indeed, JYP Entertainment president Jin Young Park told JoKwon during filming that he has permission to date Gain. The “Couple” has said nothing confirming or denying this, and recently celebrated their 200 day anniversary as a couple on the show. He was one of the first Korean singers to contract Swine Flu and became very ill, needing two weeks to recover.


Jinwoon is the youngest member of 2AM at 19. He has the image of being the cute maknae (youngest). Jinwoon was actually not supposed to be a member of 2AM. During the show “Hot Blood” he was one of the three who were to be thrown out of JYP Entertainment at the end of filming. One of the members who survived the show, Daehun, withdrew from JYP Entertainment after the show and Jinwoon was brought back. He is one of the most popular members of 2AM due to his work on variety shows. He was a member of the program “Idol Maknae Rebellion” and gained great popularity there. He was one of the members of 2AM to be diagnosed with Swine Flu early on, but recovered before the illness became too serious. He is a commentator for the show “We Got Married”.

2008- Rookie of the Month- July (Cyworld Digital Music Awards)
2008- Rookie Award (Asia Song Festival)
2010- Song of the Month- February (Cyworld Digital Music Awards)
2010- Most Popular Ringtone (Gaon Charts)

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