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A Thousand Miles- Vanessa Carlton

This song was a total hit when it came out. To this day it is huge with chick-flicks. Thinking back though I think this is the first MV I ever saw where an artist played their own instrument.

Most of you know this song by now- it is a message to a boy telling him that it really doesn’t matter how much distance separates them, she is willing to travel as far as it takes to be reunited with him. The song is a message of love to someone who is far away.
Makin’ my way downtown/ walkin’ fast/ faces pass and I’m home bound/ starin’ blankly ahead/ just making my way/ makin’ a way through the crowd/ cause I need you/ and I miss you/ and now I wonder/ if I could fall/ into the sky/ do you think time/ would pass me by/ cause you know I’d walk/ a thousand miles/ if I could just see you/ tonight

Nope, the singer plays her piano throughout the song, so she does not dance.

Story: 3/5
There is a definite travel theme to this song, but it doesn’t really fit with the song. You see through the song her sitting before her piano and traveling across the country (you never see it but it’s pretty much understood the piano and her are on the back of a truck). After traveling all around she arrives back at her house, at night, and leaves the piano to go back inside from her garage. I think for this song there really should have been a cut of her reaching the guy at the end, not just arriving back at home.

Other Things
I’m really worried for the singer. There is a scene where she is traveling and an owl is perched on her piano (it’s a beautiful one). I remember when I was in elementary school our teachers always told us that if you see an owl during the day it means it has rabies or something like that… And there is a scene with charging horses in the background… She really needs to find safer filming locations, she’ll either die of rabies or be stampeded.

Anyone else think that Vanessa Carlton and Michelle Branch look and sound eerily similar? Or am I crazy? I’ve thought that ever since I heard them for the first time…


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