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Time, Please Stop- Davichi

I just heard this song today, so these are my initial impressions. However, after hearing this song I would definitely like to check out more of the group’s work.

Lyrics: 4/5
The song is alternately slow and quick paced, the lyrics reflecting the same sad story. They are similar in feel to David Cook’s “Lie”- begging time to stop and postpone the loss of someone you love. The only real complaint I have is not with the lyrics themselves, but with the rapid change in pace between the verse and chorus of the song- a quite significance increase and decrease in tempo.
The word “goodbye”, how can you say that?/ How do I send you away with a smile?/ I can’t do that, I’ll pretend I can’t hear it/ Don’t say anything and stop right there.

Dancing: NA
This MV is set up purely as a story MV, the only dancing you see is the girl at a club, which I guess warrants a 3/5, it isn’t anything particularly amazing…

Snow White with her 5 dwarves

Story: 3/5
The MV follows a modern re-telling of “Snow White”, with a LONG narration at the beginning and end introducing the girl as Snow White. She was a girl who did not get along with her mother, who eventually she found dead in a hot tub. The “Hunter”, who I think was supposed to have been a one-time love of hers, is sent by her new evil stepmother to kidnap and shoot her, though he cannot.

This MV combines animation with living action

Overall: 3/5
The video in the background distracts you from the song of the MV, at least during the slower parts. And I think there is too much narration explaining the story. I would have liked an MV that is just a little bit simpler. Also, the animations mixed with the video, while not bad, didn’t seem like they fit where they were put in.

Other Interesting Things
The MV bounces between animation and real life, and the visuals are strong. I think maybe a little too strong. I would have liked to see more of the singers themselves (I’m not sure if Davichi is a solo act or a group).

The pacing changes I mentioned are very interesting to me. I wonder why the composer chose to bounce between a ballad and a pop song. I think the cuts are too abrupt though, and people lose focus of the song.


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