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Change- Taylor Swift

I don’t usually listen to Taylor Swift because I personally hate country, and there are several country moments in this song, so even though I have a literal headache (I know, it’s weird, my brain hurts when country plays) I’m listening to this for you. For no one else but you. Don’t you feel special ^_^

The song is kind of typical. It is about going through hard times but holding hope for the future with the knowledge that “Things will change”. There isn’t much to the song, that’s just about the whole content. The song is about being with someone and helping them through hard times. It says that nothing can stop them and things are getting ready to get better.
And I believe in everything you do/ because I believe these things will change/ feel let down/ these walls that they put up to hold us back will fall down/ it’s a revolution/ the time will come for us to finally win/ and we sing hallelujah/ we sing hallelujah

I don’t think there is a song where Taylor Swift has formal choreography. She usually has a guitar and plays that while singing. In this one she doesn’t have one, and she seems very awkward like she really doesn’t know what to do with herself.

Story: NA
There isn’t a story here, just the same set in a large room filled with carved wood (Oh wait… Maybe it’s a church?).

Other Things
When Taylor Swift tries to sing stronger her voice pinches and goes nasal, like country singers. It happens a couple of times in the song, and it is sudden and sounds almost like an accident… I’m sure it was intentional though, artists spend like half their time in a recording studio, it just could have been blended better.


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