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Cause I Believe- Show Luo

This is the OST for the Taiwanese drama “Hot Shot”.

This is a very sweet song about being madly in love with a girl. It isn’t about asking the girl to love them in return, it is just saying they feel blessed to be in love with them and wishing the girl nothing but happiness. There is one line that really stands out “If you have already fallin in love with his name I am willing to be gradually forgotten”.
Cause I believe in the law of Inextinguishable Happiness/ who will give you the beauty in your palms/ silence keeps words inside/ just let my heart quietly guard you/ blessings don’t need echos

Show Luo is known as the “Dance King of Asia” (it’s a poll done yearly, he usually wins, but this year he came in second under Hangeng). In this MV though he doesn’t dance, as it is an OST.

I haven’t seen the drama this came from, I just know it’s really popular. Just take the song apart from the MV and it tells a story of it’s own.

Other Things
I don’t really have anything to say about this MV. It’s one of Show Luo’s calmer and sweeter ones, like “Love Doesn’t Travel Alone”.


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羅志祥 (Getting Used to It)- Show Luo

This is one of the MVs Show Luo filmed on a 10 day trip to New York.

The song is about loosing the girl you love and being willing to do anything to escape the pain. The singer isn’t mad about the girl leaving, he feels responsible for not noticing that love was leaving the relationship. The song talks about not being able to sleep from the pain. It is a mournful ballad, not the usual style for this singer.
I’ll get used to it/ I’ll get used to it/ It was I who chose to not perceive/ the signs of breaking up/ the problem of not having a tinge of tiredness cannot be cured/ I’ll get used to it/ I’ll get used to it/ I admit that I didn’t feign it well enough/ please give me one second more

Despite Show Luo being the “Dancing King of Asia” there is no dance for this song.

Story: 5/5
The video for the song conveys the mood perfectly. There are many shots of Show Luo and the girl he loves having fun and playing together. Mixed into it are shots of him sitting alone. He remembers when they played together in the kitchen and starts to laugh, before he realizes she is not there anymore. While sitting in a cafe he thinks he sees her again and runs out, but she is not there. There are a lot of shots of him crying alone.

Other Interesting Things
This is just a really sad MV~

They did a lot of scenery shots of New York, but other than the shots of him standing with the city behind him you don’t see them emphasizing the city itself. It isn’t “ooh look, we filmed in New York!”, which a lot of other MVs do when they film out-of-country. It lets you focus on the story told in the video.

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愛的主場秀 (Love’s Main Show)- Show Luo

This MV is more like a mini film with the expert directing and effects, and the sets are AMAZING!

I can’t get enough of this song. The lyrics are, in abstract, about the struggle for his man to attract the girl and get her to love him. Directly though they tell the story like they are describing a boxing match. Even though it was not requested I am going to be posting the full lyrics and I suggest you check them out. It talks about the bell sounding and each of them sizing up the other, it’s really unique and cool!
Love’s main show/ battle wits and valor/ you have hands too/ but you hold them and shy away/ keeping me in suspense/ don’t suppress yourself too long/ a confession doesn’t have to be the finale/ I won’t mind, just let me handle these little things

Show Luo was, until recently, the “Dancing King of Asia” (in this years poll he came in second under former Super Junior member Hangeng). The dance for the MV is extremely impressive, it is quick and locks together. I particularly love the guitar movement. For a soloist this is my favorite dance. The backup dancers do not distract from Show Luo and everyone is perfectly in time.

Story: 4/5
To be honest it doesn’t relate back to the song at the beginning or end, the high points of the MV’s special effects. It starts out like a film, with a museum at night. A statue is in the corner, and as the clock strikes midnight it begins to move. The statue smashes itself, revealing Show Luo inside. Next we see the theatre, where most of the dancing takes place (there are some shots back on the storage room which might be the backstage of an old theatre, I can’t tell). At the end of the MV the clock strikes again and Shou Luo turns back into the statue which is standing center stage.

Other Interesting Things
I absolutely love Show Luo’s red costume. It is a bright red suit, but the right arm is cut differently so the fabric hangs as though it were a short cape. I like it! The blue costume though doesn’t fit, it looks like a space man in some old show, and the sunglasses are kind of odd…

I believe this is one of the MVs filmed in a 10 day period in New York. The theatre they filmed in is a big old venue, and it looks absolutely beautiful. Setting the MV there was probably the best call made.

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愛瘋頭 (Head Over Heels)- Show Luo

This song is from the OST for Show Luo’s drama “Hi My Sweetheart”.

Lyrics: 3.5/5
The song is kind of disjointed. It sounds good, and it has a good beat, but I don’t think they lyrics are particularly special. It’s about being completely in love with someone to the point where you’ll do anything for them. It promises a life of luxury to the girl.
Tread on water/ jump through fire/ I’ll do it for you/ an extravagant sky for you to spend as much as you’d like/ I’m head over heels over you/ to obsession/ An extravagant life for you to enjoy as much as you’d like/ I’m head over heels over you, ready to roam the streets/ extravagance/ extravagance

Dancing: NA
Show Luo is the “Dancing King” of Asia (well, formerly, recently he has been surpassed in the voting by former Super Junior member Hangeng). He does not dance in this MV though.

Story: 4/5
The story told is about him. It starts with him asking the audiences blessing on a matter. It then goes back and you see shots of him secretly dating a girl and keeping her hidden due to his fame. It cuts back to him asking for the blessing and  you are supposed to understand he has just come clean to fans that he is dating and asked them to let him date comfortably. In the audience is the girlfriend. You see more shots of them together. Because he was recognized they couldn’t go to a market they wanted to wander, so he sets one up in his house and plays chef to her.

Other Interesting Things:
The MV is simple and cute. I like the shots of Show Luo standing on top of his van with the microphone singing, that is a really cool angle.

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愛不單行 (Love Does Not Travel Alone)- Show Luo

This song was an OST (theme song) for Show Luo’s recent hit series “Hi My Sweetheart”.

Lyrics: 5/5
I know I give lyrics full credit often, but I really love this song. It’s about how the singer can find love, and has been loved, but has never been happy. They are waiting for the person who they will love forever and who will love them. It is similar in content to Nickelback’s “Gotta Be Somebody”. It is a slow-paced song which contains great hope for the future.
Translation Note: It features the line “Love is just a few simple strokes”, referring to the character 爱 which means Love in Mandarin.
Love, it’s just a few simple strokes/ but more complicated than believed/ hate keeps love from changing/ I’ve loved a few people/ and have also been loved a few times/ but still am unable to hold on to happiness./ Love, can’t it be counted?/ Why do I still believe it isn’t a loner?/ I’m waiting for someone/ Waiting for my eternity/ to tell me that love doesn’t travel alone, not to be afraid.”

Dancing: NA
This is actually a rarity for Show Luo, who is a solo singer/ dancer. But he is stationary in this MV.

Show Luo's character in "Hi My Sweetheart" plotting his revenge

Story: 5/5
I’m a bit biased here because I recently finished watching the series this song belongs to. The shots from the show in the MV are meant to reflect the show itself. So I’ll give a little cap of it, the full summary is with the review of “Hi My Sweetheart”. Show Luo’s character fell in love with a girl who made his heart break when she betrayed him. Years later he sees her again and she doesn’t recognize him. He decides to make her fall in love with him so he can hurt her, but starts to love her again.

Overall: 4/5
My only concern with the overall effect is that if you haven’t seen the show you won’t be able to follow the storyline. As someone who *has* seen the program, I give it a 5/5, but I took a point off assuming *you* haven’t seen the show, since these reviews are for whoever reads them. I love the song and the video fits the pace very well.

Other Interesting Things
I highly recommend watching the MV, even if you’ve never heard of the show, it is full of meaning and is really quite beautiful.

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