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Pajama Party- Super Junior H

This is the second (and last) MV by Super Junior H (I know, “Victory Korea” is basically Super Junior H, but it was released as Super Junior). This is the song that SJH promoted the most from their “Cooking? Cooking!” album.

The song is about planning a pajama party with the girl they love. The lyrics sound suspicious, as any coed pajama party would, but it isn’t necessarily. The song acknowledges this by saying “There might be a time when some sly thoughts sneak in/ don’t worry girl, my love is pure”. It is overall an innocent song about having fun.
Wearing our pajamas/ wearing our pajamas/ tonight together/ let’s throw an awesome party/ just the two of us/ with much energy let’s play/ like they do in the movies/ let’s also have a pillow fight/ like the color of snow/ inside a white pillow world/ with much energy let’s enjoy ourselves

The dance for this is well known. It is cute, but bouncy. One movement was known to cause trouble: the arm swing where they bring their hands up to their chin and wave them from side to side. This was an issue in a live performance during the time where they walk forwards, as member Shindong accidentally nailed leader Leeteuk in the jaw with his elbow.

Story: 5/5
There is a story with his MV. It is partially animated, like with “Cooking? Cooking!”. Initially it is set up as a scary comic book in which a girls sleepover is ruined by a gorilla who attacks. The girls flee and the next panel in the comic book switches to live images. The idea is that the boys were also having a party and the girls ran in to hide. Since they were all trapped they started goofing off and playing games. Eventually they realize the gorilla just wanted bananas and it goes away. I know, it makes almost no sense, but that is SJH for you.

Other Interesting Things
I like the more informal group shots where they sing and make fun of the choreography. It’s silly and works very well.

The comic book setup works really well with a silly MV like this, I like it a lot.

Nice product placement by SM Entertainment there! In the background of some of the solo shots you see a poster on the wall that says “Everysing”. That is a shop/cafe/karaoke/press conference/audition complex owned by SM Entertainment. They use it for a lot of the shots in this MV.

As I said with “Cooking? Cooking!” there is a strange effect when you watch the two MVs together. There is not a common storyline, so they don’t form a movie or anything like that, but by the end of the second MV you will most likely be giggling. I played Mad Scientist and tried it on a few friends, it worked every time.


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Cooking? Cooking!- Super Junior- H

This is the first time I’ve ever reviewed a Music Video by this sub-group of Super Junior. The H stands for “Happy”, and they are designated to sing upbeat and cute songs (or goofy). I’ll explain more about them later in an Artist Profile.

The song is about having a girlfriend who is the worst chef to stand on Earth. The members have tried everything, including starving themselves before a meal, to make her food taste good or to lie to her saying it is good, but they just can’t do it. The girlfriend vanishes and her friends say she is learning English, Chinese, and Japanese at school. The next time the girlfriend has them come eat they go prepared for death, but the food is the most amazing they have ever had. They learn she secretly attended cooking school for their sake. It is a very cute and silly song that will most likely leave you giggling or at least smiling.

The dance for this is really cute and bouncy. It fits the group image perfectly.

There is a strong story in this music video. It features SNSD member Sunny (in both the video and the song) as the girlfriend. Like Super Junior Happy’s other music video, Pajama Party, the video features mostly live shots of the members but there are also cute animated versions used in the song. The whole thing is like watching a cartoon with the little graphics and such that appear on the screen. It’s really cute and fits the song perfectly.

Other Interesting Things
This is seriously an adorable music video. I don’t know why Super Junior Happy hasn’t released anything new, but the members still sometimes perform the songs from this mini-album.

As I typed this I realized I HAVE reviewed a Super Junior Happy music video before- Victory Korea. However, that song was officially a Super Junior MV, it is just coincidence that it only features members of Super Junior Happy.

The beginning shots with the dumplings takes some explaining. It is a reference to the Korean movie “Oldboy”. The movie is about a man who was kidnapped one night and imprisoned for 15 years, with every meal being the same dumplings. I’ll review the movie later, but it is a very disturbing film and I can’t think for the life of me why they put this allusion to it in here, it makes the leader Leeteuk (the one eating) seem like a total perv. I won’t go into detail here, but I think you can almost compare it to putting an homage to “The Cell” in. It is definitely not a movie for kids. I kind of wish I hadn’t seen it…

Beware the “Super Junior Happy” effect. If you watch this music video with their “Pajama Party” one you WILL start to giggle. The MVs are related at all, and neither are particularly overly-silly on their own, but they are just cute and goofy enough that you won’t be able to help but laugh. This group REALLY lives up to their name!

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Victory Korea- Super Junior

I was going to focus on English MVs for a bit, but I think it is important to review this MV in particular.

Title sound familiar to you at all? Victory Korea is currently ESPN’s #1 World Cup Inspired Song!!!! It was voted “Most Impressive”, receiving over 90% of the votes in an international poll!!!!!

Lyrics: 5/5
This song is both a cheer for South Korea’s soccer team as well as a message to the people of Korea to come together and support their champions. It’s really a sweet MV. A few Korean groups recorded their own fight songs for the World Cup, and this one was chosen as the best to represent Korea in ESPN’s poll. And I know exactly why! It is upbeat and sung not only by members of SJ, but with a loud background track of others cheering and singing along. I would LOVE to see this song live!
All together lets shout/ Victory Victory Victory KOREA/ Victory Victory Victory KOREA/ Shout for victory with all your might/ Victory  Victory Victory go go KOREA”

Dancing: NA
This song doesn’t really have a dance, they just jump since there are TONS of extras

It's just a really upbeat and fun song cheering on South Korea's soccer team

Story: NA
It’s a fight song, not much of a back story going, just a cheer

Other Interesting Things
There is a total call back to Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”, but it fits well with the song

This song is only sung by members of Super Junior- Happy (excluding Kangin), and it is perfectly in sync with their style.

As I said before this song has been voted #1 on for Best World-Cup Inspired Song. It is excellent!

One tiny thing: They filmed the MV in the English Village in Korea (probably since it has a big open street and buildings with no traffic, it is kind of like a cultural theme park). The only issue with this is that in the background of a trolley they filmed in front of it says “English Village”. For a song cheering on the Korean soccer team, I think it would have been cool to film in the soccer stadium or somewhere iconic in Seoul, not the English Village which isn’t really Korean.