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Wanna- KARA

I’m getting my three new foreign language MVs reviewed tonight, so hope you enjoy!

The chorus is a little simple and repetitive for me, but I like the verse. The song is a message to a guy telling him to get off his butt and tell the girl that he likes her, so she can decide if she likes him back. It talks about being “Sick of this hesitation”. They also say they hate him for not realizing that they love him too.
I love you, my love/ I love you, my love/ love you/ I love you/ I love you, my love/ I love you, my love (I wanna think about it)/ I love you, my love (Just wanna think about it)/ love you/ I love you/ I love you, my love/ Just wanna think about/ I wanna think about/ Just wanna think about/ I wanna think about

The dance for this song is cute with a hint of sexy, like someone who both wants to confess their love and have love confessed to them, so it all fits together well.

Story: what just happened/5
The story is really confusing. At first you see a girl with her friends who calls her neighbor who she loves. She is going to confess her feelings when he drops the phone and it breaks. He leaves and the group invades his apartment via open window and plans all sorts of horrible and mean tricks (such as gluing his slippers to the floor, planting trip wire at his doorway, pouring marbles over his floor and spraying water on his bed). Then one finds a drawer full of pictures of the girl and a letter he wrote her but never gave her (presumably confessing his love from their reactions). They then hear him coming back and jump out the window. He falls and breaks his leg, and the one who loves him draws a red heart on the cast. Ok, so it makes sense, but put it with the song. Doesn’t make so much sense anymore, huh?

Other Things
The ultra close shots need work. The camera should be close to them, that’s true, but zoom should close the gap. The cameras must be really close on the close shots, because out of 5 members are least 3 are sort of cross-eyed, especially Goo Hara.

I really like the styles of each member in this one, the hair and clothes look really great!


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We’re With You- KARA

Wow, 2 KARA reviews in a row~ Normally I would go make an artist profile after this, but this is the first time I’ve seen anything KARA, so let me do a little research before I make the profile, ok?

Lyrics: 5/5
This was KARA’s World Cup cheer song. It isn’t sexy like their Lupin song, but is cute and upbeat. And the lyrics make sense! There isn’t much to say about it beyond that. The beat is addictive and it really is a nice song.
Shake it shake it baby/ shake it shake it baby/ shake it shake it boy to love/ baby, shake it shake it baby/ shake it shake it boy to love/ we’re with you/ we trust you, who is always looking forward/ let’s just run heading for our dream/ I like it that we’re together/ we’re glad that you’re here/ we trust you who is always looking forward/ no matter what struggles face us lets overcome them/ small fragments come together and complete us/ we’re with you

Dancing: 5/5
The dancing is cute and simple. KARA’s style is to have easier to follow dances I think. This dance is mostly in the arms and it is cute to look like cheer leaders. Each girl also has a small tambourine, so the dancing is bouncy to follow the beat of it.

Story: NA
It’s a cheer song, there isn’t a story

Other Interesting Things
There is a certain member of KARA, and I’m not sure what her name is, but she seems against clothes~ She isn’t nude, but in the MVs I’ve seen so far her shirt never covers her stomach~ But they are all in outfits that are cute but vaguely revealing, so maybe she’s just supposed to be extra cute and revealing…

A note to the director/editor/whoever else to blame: Having a disco ball hanging from the ceiling in your MV is perfectly fine. Just next time make sure it doesn’t reflect the end of the stage where you all are sitting as well as all your equipment and lights.

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Lupin- KARA

When this MV came out there was a lot of negative hype around it. Lupin and SNSD’s “Run Devil Run” came out around the same time, and fans of the two girl groups kept saying each group was copying the other. The members of the two groups are actually friends, but their fans have this legendary hatred of one another.

Lyrics: 4/5
I can’t quite follow what is going on in the song, but has this addictive beat. I really like it, but when I actually stop and try to understand the lyrics I’m kind of lost. I’m even watching it while I write this and I still can’t quite understand what is going on… But I still really love the tone and beat.

“As usual it’s mine/ it’s mine/ this is mine/ this is mine/ Go up high (ye ye ye)/ take it all (ye ye ye)/ never back it up, back it up/ never turn it up, turn it up/ Hallo, hallo, hallo hallo hallo/ catch hallo hallo, catch catch hallo hallo”

Dance: 5/5
The dance for this one is mainly in the legs with a lot of bouncing, which fits the faster pace of the song really well. The choreography is kind of simple in parts, but there is nothing wrong with that, in the group parts it looks great.

Story: NA
There isn’t a story clearly conveyed in the lyrics or MV.

Other Interesting Things
I really like the group costumes between the black outfits and the bright white. It works really well. I can kind of understand why fans though the MVs were playing off one another between “Lupin” and “Run Devil Run”, there are several similarities between the black and white costume colors and even the background in the dance shots.

A note to the editor and costume designer: While it may be sexy to put Nicole in a backless shirt, an invisible bra is made of plastic and therefore still reflects the light from your set, making it very not-invisible.

Overall this MV is extremely reminiscent of After School’s “Because of You”, the sets look identical in parts and a lot of the angles are the same, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was shot at the same studio with some of the same staff.

If you keep a sharp eye on the screen, the first shot of the MV and the last shot of the MV are identical.

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