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Reverse Stalking- A question

This is all I will post still, I’ll get back to reviews as soon as things calm down a bit in Korea… As some of you know I am living there now and I am very worried for my friends…

But anyways, the question I got was “What programs have SNSD been in”.

Other than guesting on an episode or two of variety programs i am aware of the following shows featuring SNSD:

Factory Girl:
SNSD members become guest editors of a magazine to learn about fashion and the fashion world.

Girls Go to School:
Following the Girls from pre-debut to post-debut as they appear repeatedly on the Variety show “School of Rock”. Narrated by Super Junior’s Sungmin.

Hello Baby: Season 1
SNSD raises an infant to experience the world of parenthood.

Horror Movie Factory:
SNSD tests their ability to act in Horror flicks and trains to be horror movie actresses.

Invincible Youth: Season 1
Sunny and Yuri join members of other girl groups to learn how to run a farm.

We Got Married: Season 1, 2
Taeyeon, along with several other celebrities, forms half of a fake married couple and must live life as though she *were* a bride. In Season 2 Seohyun makes up half of the “Sweet Potato Couple”.

Those are the only programs I have that SNSD are a part of. If they have been regulars in others (I don’t count hosting gigs on music programs, just FYI), then please let me know.


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Reverse Stalking- Injury Statements!

SM went on a mini statement spree! And I finally get now why you keep asking about different people, so here is the SM Town injury list:

F(x) Amber-
Amber HAS NOT LEFT F(X)! SM made a statement (finally) regarding the fan rumors. She has apparently always had bad ankles and when she was injured during Mr.Boogie promotions and since her recovery time was longer than F(x) had any schedules for they just told her she could return to her family in the States and recover there. She intends to return to F(x) when they begin preparing for their comeback.

SHINee Jonghyun:
Jonghyun injured his knee at a performance. He has been put on rest until it recovers, I believe he tore a ligament…

SNSD Tiffany:
Tiffany has also torn a ligament in her knee after falling during a performance of “Hoot” recently. She has been given 4 weeks of strict rest to recover from the injury, so SNSD will be promoting as 8 members for the next month.

Super Junior Leeteuk:
Teukie broke his finger recently. He will continue doing schedules while it recovers.

Super Junior Shindong:
Shindong injured his shoulder and is in an arm sling. His fiancee Nari revealed on twitter that he was told to strictly rest and not do activities, but he ignored the doctors orders and took pain pills so he could perform at the Super Show in Nanjing recently. His arm is in a sling.

So that’s the injury list! Whenever someone gets hurt, it seems like everyone is hurt! No one has left any groups, they are just all recovering.

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Reverse Stalking- Overload~

We had 100 visitors yesterday!!!! And tons of searches…. So I can’t make it through the whole list, there were over 70 different searches~ I picked the ones that stood out.

Those of you looking for the names of members of a group or what groups album and pictures please check “Artist Profile”. The groups there already include all of the Super Junior’s save Super Junior- T (Haven’t gotten around to it yet) and Super Junior- H, SNSD, DBSK/TVXQ, FT Island, F(x), Hangeng, 2AM and 2PM.

Those of you looking for the former member of SNSD, she is now in Co-Ed School, who will not get an Artist Profile until they have at least a few CDs out and I have at least one of them (it’s really hard to find their music in stores, even in Korea~~~ but I’ll keep looking).

I don’t know who the new leader of Super Junior- M is, like I keep repeating. If I hear anything about it I will make an announcement and post in the Artist Profile and Group Commentary section.

I have no idea why you all keep searching for “Super Junior Yesung”, if there is something specific you are looking for please let me know, I will try to help you.

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Reverse Stalking- Wow, there’s a lot today…

Ok, I just copied the list of things everyone is asking, since a lot of it I need to address…

girl in josh groban hidden away
member profile black pearl korea
kangta song love frequency lyrics
super junior blue tomorrow lyrics chines
da lung pink panther song
its loo late co ed lyrics
super junior in abroad
yesung super junior
chang ryul father boys over flowers

Let’s address these one at a time, shall we?

1) Girl in Josh Groban Hidden Away
I don’t know who she is. I’m assuming you mean the girl who ends up with Josh Groban, but I really can’t tell you anything here. I don’t even have anything to search off of.

2) Member Profile Black Pearl Korea
Uh… Is that a band? I’ve honestly never heard of them before, and YouTube isn’t giving me anything back, and Google is just giving me “Pirates of the Caribbean”. If you could let me know who they are and link me to some MVs I can review them, but like I’ve said before, no Artist Profiles unless I’m very familiar with the group’s work.

3) Kangta song love frequency lyrics
You’ll find those under “Full Lyrics” if you click on Kangta’s name. Fun fact- the song lyrics were written by Super Junior’s Zhou Mi ^^

4) Super Junior blue tomorrow lyrics “chines”
I know you mean “Chinese”. You’ll find those under “Full Lyrics” if you click “Super Junior”. The Korean and Chinese Full Lyrics are separate, so make sure you’re looking at the right ones, though the Chinese and Korean characters are a dead giveaway… English translations are, as always, the last thing on any Full Lyric article.

5) Da lung Pink Panther song
I reviewed “Hi My Sweetheart” as the first TV show I’ve ever done, so it’s kind of buried. I’m not sure why you’re specifically looking for the song though…

6) It’s too late coed lyrics
You’ll find that under “Full Lyrics” by the group name (Filed here as “Co Ed School”). English translation is the last thing on any “Full Lyrics” section after native characters and romanization.

7) Super Junior in abroad
Uh~ You’ll have to be way more specific. Super Junior does activities overseas and even has a sub-group who promotes almost exclusively in China and Taiwan.

8) Yesung Super Junior
Someone seriously tell me why this is among my top searches every day, what are you looking for? I can help you better if I know.

9) Chang Ryul father boys over flowers
The actor who played Chang Ryul’s father in “Personal Taste” played Jan Di’s father in “Boys Over Flowers”. That’s all I know.

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Reverse Stalking: I DON’T KNOW

I keep saying I don’t know who the new leader of Super Junior- M is, and I’ve gotten TONS of questions about it!!!


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Reverse Stalking- Don’t know that one…

Someone was asking about DBSK rumors and some kind of conspiracy… I have no idea what you’re talking about, sorry! I’ve tried to check out DBSK fan sites to find out information about them, but anyone who has tried to check the page of a disbanded group knows it’s pretty impossible to sort through the gunk. Especially with how popular DBSK was and how prolonged their fall was.

If someone could tell me a bit about these rumors and conspiracy it would give me more to go on when I try to look it up online, but without that I really can’t say anything…

Also, I’ve been getting a lot of searches for “Super Junior M” rumors, those are all in “Rant #8” and any update for that rant.

Finally, I keep getting searches for “Super Junior Yesung” or just “Yesung”. Can someone PLEASE tell me what you all are looking for? I seriously get at least 6 searches a day for him. Like I said before,  I reviewed his song under “Super Junior” and it’s on page 2 of the Super Junior reviews.

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Reverse Stalking- Didn’t even need to see the end of the question

Someone asked “Who will take over as the leader of” , and I know what you’re talking about.

As I said in “Rant #8- Super Junior M Rumors”, no new leader for SJM has been announced yet. So far it looks like ZhouMi is handling a lot of the speaking, since he’s the only one left who is a native Chinese speaker, and Siwon is still very active on stage. Those two are the favorites among fans for a new leader.

Nothing has been announced yet, but SJM is holding fan meets again and getting ready for another album to be released soon (most likely in very early 2011 after Kyuhyun finishes his musical in Korea and Donghae his drama filming). If a new leader is chosen it will be announced before then.

Personally if they do have a new leader I think it will be ZhouMi, since he is the only native Chinese speaker left, but again that’s just an opinion. I’ll update and let you all know if a new leader is announced.

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