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What I’m Listening To (this week)

For those of you who don’t remember this category (I keep forgetting it exists) here is where I post some recommendations to you for songs that don’t have music videos, they are just good songs.

1) Scandal (English Version)
Artist: Kangta and Vanness
Album: Scandal

2) Energetic (Radio Edit)
Artist: BoA
Album: Deluxe (1st US Album)

3) What Should I Do?
Artist: S.H.E.
Album: Hana Kimi (Taiwanese Version) OST
Language: Chinese

4) You And Me
Artist: Super Junior- M
Album: SuperGirl
Language: Chinese

5) Broken Vow
Artist: Josh Groban
Album: Closer

6) Get Out Alive
Artist: 3 Days Grace
Album: One- X

7) Out Tonight
Artist: Rosario Dawson
Album: RENT (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

8) What Is This Feeling?
Artist: Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel
Album: Wicked (Original Broadway Soundtrack)

9) Sally’s Song
Artist: Amy Lee of Evanescence
Album: The Nightmare Revisited

10) Dance With The Devil
Artist: Breaking Benjamin
Album: Phobia

11) One Caress
Artist: Depeche Mode
Album: Songs of Faith and Devotion


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What I’m Listening To

This will be the last for a while, at least until I get settled at University (leaving Seoul for Wonju in less than 3 days!!!)

I just got TONS of new CDs at this record shop in the COEX mall nearby, so I’ve got a lot of new songs to listen to ^^ Most of the CDs I heard at least a preview of on the flight (our plane had entire CDs to listen to!), so the genre is a bit narrow ^^ I’m just copying the 10 songs in my “New Music” list- it is where I put representative songs of each CD.

Song Title: All or Nothing
Singer: O-Town
Language: English
Album: Unknown

Song Title: Bbi Ri Bba Bba
Singer: Narsha
Language: Korean
Album: Narsha (First Solo Album)

Song Title: Cold Hearted Man (Let You Go)
Singer: TRAX
Language: Korean
Album: The 1st Mini Album

Song Title: Fame
Singer: Various
Language: English
Album: Fame Soundtrack (2009)

Song Title: For Your Entertainment
Singer: Adam Lambert
Language: (English)
Album: For Your Entertainment

Song Title: Hurricane Venus
Singer: BoA
Language: Korean
Album: Hurricane Venus

Song Title: Mister
Singer: KARA
Language: Korean
Album: Revolution

Song Title: One Better Day
Singer: MBLAQ
Language: Korean
Album: 2nd Mini Album [Y]

Song Title: Prologue
Singer: 2AM
Language: Instrumental
Album: 1st Mini Album

Song Title: The Winner Takes All
Singer: ABBA
Language: English
Album: Unknown

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What I’m Listening To

Alright, so this is a pretty literal one. I have my iTunes on shuffle and I’m going to copy the first 30 songs down for you. It’s on my “Favorites” playlist, so it is guaranteed to be all over the place!

Song: Anywhere
Language: English
Artist: Evanescence
Album: I have no clue ^^

Song: The Night Chicago Died
Language: Korean
Artist: Super Junior- K.R.Y.
Album: Super Junior Super Show: The First Asia Tour Live Album

Song: Skyway Avenue
Language: English
Artist: We the Kings
Album: We the Kings

Song: If Today Was Your Last Day
Language: English
Artist: Nickelback
Album: Dark Horse

Song: Hate U, Love U
Language: Korean
Artist: Super Junior
Album: Don’t Don: The Second Album (Repackaged)

Song: The Young & The Hopeless
Language: English
Artist: Good Charlotte
Album: The Young and the Hopeless

Song: Forever
Language: Korean
Artist: So Nyeo Shi Dae
Album: Run Devil Run (Oh! Repackaged)

Song: The Greatest
Language: English
Artist: S Club 7
Album: 7

Song: No Ttaemune (Because of You)
Language: Korean
Artist: After School
Album: I don’t know ^^

Song: It Takes Two
Language: English
Artist: Zac Efron
Album: Hairspray (Soundtrack to the Motion Picture)

Song: Leave Out All the Rest
Language: English
Artist: Linkin Park
Album: Minutes to Midnight

Song: A-Yo
Language: Korean
Artist: SHINee
Album: Lucifer

Song: You Are My Destiny
Language: Korean
Artist: F(x)
Album: Chu~ (Single)

Song: Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Language: English
Artist: Green Day
Album: Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Song: Happy Together
Language: Korean
Artist: Super Junior
Album: Sorry, Sorry: The Third Album

Song: I Will Not Bow
Language: English
Artist: Breaking Benjamin
Album: Dear Agony

Song: What About Now
Language: English
Artist: Daughtry
Album: Daughtry

Song: Say Anything
Language: English
Artist: Good Charlotte
Album: The Young and the Hopeless

Song: Lie
Language: English
Artist: David Cook
Album: David Cook

Song: What Hurts the Most
Language: English
Artist: Cascada
Album: Everytime We Touch

Song: Love’s Main Stage
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Artist: Show Luo
Album: Lover’s Puzzle

Song: Every Time We Touch
Language: English
Artist: Cascada
Album: Every Time We Touch

Song: Photograph
Language: English
Artist: Nickelback
Album: All the Right Reasons

Song: Follow (Radio Edit)
Language: English
Artist: Breaking Benjamin
Album: We Are Not Alone

Song: One Fine Spring Day
Language: Korean
Artist: Super Junior’s Ryeowook
Album: Mina (Bonamana): The Fourth Album (Repackaged)

Song: Zhi Shao Hai You Ni (At Least I Still Have You)
Language: Mandarin Chinese
Artist: Super Junior- M
Album: 迷 (Me): The First Album

Song: I Go Crazy (Because of You)
Language: Korean
Artist: T-ARA
Album: I don’t know ^^

Song: Heal the World
Language: English
Artist: Super Junior
Album: NA- I converted a live performance to MP3 ^^

Song: Run Devil Run
Language: Korean
Artist: So Nyeo Shi Dae
Album: Run Devil Run (Oh! Repackaged)

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What I’m Listening To #4

For this one I’m not going to do my typical bit of listing a song and it’s artist as well as post the chorus from the song. Honestly what I’m listening to right now includes a lot of songs with MVs, and they aren’t in order, so I’m just going to give you a glimpse into the chaotic nature of my “Current Favorites” list on my iPod. Please let me know if you like this style more than the other (or if you don’t care either way).

1) Lucifer- SHINee (Korean)
2) Bad Girl (Boom Boom)- Super Junior (Korean)
3) Into the Morning- Breaking Benjamin (English)
4) Take Care of my Girlfriend (Say No)- Beast/B2st (Korean)
5) I Must Not Chase the Boys- Play (English)
6) I Go Crazy Because of You- T-ARA (Korean)
7) Evacuate the Dancefloor- Cascada (English)
8] Dear Agony- Breaking Benjamin (English)
9) The Butterfly- Celtic Woman (Instrumental)
10) Anthem of the Angels- Breaking Benjamin (English)
11) Nu ABO- F(x) (Korean)
12) We’re With You- KARA (Korean)
13) This I Promise You- N*Sync (English)
14) Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)- So Nyeo Shi Dae/ Girls Generation (Korean)
15) All My Heart- Super Junior (Korean)
16) Shape of My Heart- Backstreet Boys (English)
17) Halo- Beyonce (English)
18) There Is No One Like You (No Other)- Super Junior (Korean)
19) The Diary of Jane [Acoustic]- Breaking Benjamin (English)
20) Lupin- KARA (Korean)
21) So She Dances- Josh Groban (English)
22) Everytime- Brittney Spears (English)
23) A-Yo- SHINee (Korean)
24) My Life Would Suck Without You (Special Joint K-Pop Live)- So Nyeo Shi Dae/ Girls Generation, 2AM, KARA and C.N. Blue (English)
25) Remember When It Rained- Josh Groban (English)
26) The Internet is for Porn- Avenue Q (English)
27) Dam Dadi Doo- Nightcore (Erm… English?)
28) Goodbye (A Short Journey)- Super Junior (Korean)
29) Gee- Super Junior (Korean)
30) When You Say You Love Me- Josh Groban (English)

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What I’m Listening To~ Week 2,3

1) Anastasia Soundtrack “At the Beginning”
Life is a road/And I want to keep going/Love is a river/I wanna keep flowing/Life is a road/Now and forever/Wonderful journey/ I’ll be there/When the world stops turning/I’ll be there/When the storm is through/In the end I wanna be standing/At the beginning with you
2) Nickelback “Gotta Be Somebody”
“`Cause nobody wants to be the last one there/’Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares/Someone to love with my life in their hands/There`s gotta be somebody for me like that/`Cause nobody wants to do it on their own/And everyone wants to know they´re not alone/There’s somebody else that feels the same somewhere/There`s gotta be somebody for me out there
3) Linkin Park “Leave Out All the Rest”
When my time comes/Forget the wrong that I’ve done/Help me leave behind some/Reasons to be missed/And don’t resent me/And when you’re feeling empty/Keep me in your memory/Leave out all the rest/Leave out all the rest
4) Josh Groban “So She Dances”
So she dances/In and out of the crowd like a glance/This romance is/From afar calling me silently
5) David Cook “Breathe Tonight”
Can you breathe tonight/As the air is leaving you/Scream tonight/Like the words are new to you/Can we go back to the last time/my arms could carry you/Breathe tonight/Youre alive
6) Nickelback “Far Away”
That I love you/I have loved you all along/And I miss you/Been far away for far too long/I keep dreaming you’ll be with me/and you’ll never go/Stop breathing if/I don’t see you anymore
7) Spamalot “The Song That Goes Like This”
This song doesn’t really have a chorus. It is a song set to the tempo of a slow love song, but the lyrics make fun of the notion of a love song and are meant to be vocalizations of what the singers are thinking as they sing such songs.
8] Josh Groban “My Confession”
I have been wrong about you/Thought I was strong without you/For so long nothing could move me/For so long nothing could change me/Now I feel myself surrender/Each time I see your face/I am captured by your beauty/Your unassuming grace/And I feel my heart is turning/Falling into place/I can’t hide/Now hear my confession
9) Meat Loaf “Heaven Can Wait”
This song doesn’t really have a chorus, the song continues describing how much the singer loves someone and how the love can keep them alive and heaven will just have to wait.
10) 3 Doors Down “Your Arms Feel Like Home”
There’s a life inside of me/That i can feel again/It’s the only thing that takes me/Where i’ve never been/I don’t care if i lost everything that i have known/It don’t matter where i lay my head tonight/Your arms feel like home/Feel like home

**Like I warned in the Announcements, this section will be very short and may not appear at all sometimes**
1) Super Junior- M “Don’t Don [Chinese Version]”
Don’t Don/ Living in this world/ except from being despised by others, so what?/ Falling into this dirty trap/ You have no where else to run
2) Super Junior- M “Marry U [Chinese Version]”
I’d like to tell you about everything/ no words can express how much I love you/ Would U marry me?/ I pray towards the shooting stars/ That our connection will never change/ Every time you smile in sleep/ I really wish that you could lean on my shoulder/ would U marry me? / I hope that you can fulfill my desires
3) Super Junior- M “A Man in Love [Chinese Version]
This song doesn’t really have a chorus. The song describes being seduced by a girl and wanting only to be in her embrace. The song progresses as the two get closer and closer and it ends with the singers saying they never want to leave the side of the girl they have fallen for.
4) Super Junior- M “In My Arms”
**I love sad songs no matter what my mood is, this is amazing**
I hugged my dreams until I was awake/ the world before me blurred/ with your memories I run/ happiness seems so far away/ I hugged my loneliness here/ can you hear my heart being broken? / I say blessings to myself/ not believing you don’t love me anymore
5) Super Junior- M “The One”
**This song was written for the Beijing Olympics, the whole beat follows “Chariots of Fire”. The former leader of Super Junior-M was an Olympic torch bearer**
You are the one/ lost in the darkness/ because of you/ those lost have found their way/ you are the one/ lighting up the world’s hopes/ just like the Olympic torch/ emitting radiance

1) Super Junior’s Donghae “Beautiful”
**This song was written, composed, and choreographed by Donghae**
Cause you are so beautiful/ let me gasp against your lips/ to say this phrase/ “I love you”/ cause you are so beautiful/ just stay by my side (you belong only to me)”
2) Super Junior- M “Love Song [Korean Version]”
I’ve looked, but I really can’t find a translation for the Korean lyrics of this song, as the Chinese version is SO popular.
3) FT Island “Bing Bing Bing”
**Bing Bing Bing is supposed to be the noise in your head when you meet the person you’ll always love**
All day bing bing bing bing/bang bang bang bang/ I hang around/ I loiter hoping I see her by chance/ I will see her tonight and confess my love/ everywhere bing bing bing bing/ bang bang bang bang/ she spins around/ If I have only one love/ I’ll give it to her/ I guess I’m nice
4) SHINee “JoJo”
Jojo, when the sad music plays/ I think of you (eh eh eh)/ Jojo, why can’t I forget you?/ even though you were so cruel/ Hey my Jojo/ Love, yes Jojo/ Stay, did I do something wrong?/ I-I was blind/ Hey my Jojo/ Love, yes Jojo/ Stay, you’re in my tracks/ I-I was blind
5) Super Junior “Endless Moment”
I’ve been waiting for you for a long time/ for someone who’s just like me/ I want to give my loneliness to you/ my endless moment, pray for you
6) Super Junior’s Yesung “It Has to be You”
**This song is the OST for a drama, I’m holding the OST MV separate from the song, since it has no shots of the singer at all**
It can’t be if it’s not you/ It can’t be without you/ It’s ok if I’m hurt for a day and a year like this/ it’s fine even if my heart hurts/ yes, because I’m just in love with you
7) Super Junior “A Man in Love”
Your shiny hair/ your fingers/ even your lips that form that bright smile/ her colors no one can switch with/ I’ve fallen deep into/ you’re hairstyle/ you’re gaze/ even your unique way of speaking/ it was plenty enough to change my life around
8] Super Junior M “Me [Korean Version]”
It’s gonna be me/ I will be beside you forever/ It’s gonna be me/ I want to stay here/ Don’t shake and just hold me tight/ I won’t let you go again/ It’s gonna be me/ I will wipe away your tears/ It’s gonna be me/ I want you so much/ I don’t want anything/ except for love/ I’ll wait for you like this/ It’s gonna be me
9) So Nyeo Shi Dae (Girl’s Generation) feat. SHINee’s KEY- “Boys and Girls”
I can’t find a translation for this song
10) SHINee “The Name (I Loved)”
The name I loved once in this life/ has become further and further away from me/ I am writing your name on a paper/ and forever keeping it in my heart/ From that day on I realized/ that I will only love you forever/ Love that can’t be together/ can also be known as love

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What I’m Listening to~ Week 1

Not all great songs have MVs to rate, so I’ll post a list of 5 songs from each language I’m currently favoring and can recommend to you.

1) David Cook “Lie”
So lie to me and tell me that it’s gonna’ be alright/ so lie to me and tell me that we’ll make it through the night/ I don’t mind if you wait before you tear me apart/ but look me in the eye/ and lie, lie, lie
2) Phil Collins “You’ll Be in My Heart”
You’ll be in my heart/ yes you’ll be in my heart/ from this day on/ now and forever more/ you’ll be in my heart/ no matter what they say/ you’ll be here in my heart/ always
3) Brittany Spears “Every Time”
Every time I try to fly I fall/ without my wings I feel so small/ I guess I need you baby/ and every time I see you in my dreams/ I see your face, it’s haunting me/ I guess I need you baby
4) Barenaked Ladies “Big Bang Theory”
This song doesn’t really have a chorus. It is the expanded theme song for the hit show of the same name.
5) Bowling for Soup “High School Never Ends”
The whole damn world is just as obsessed with whose the best dressed and whose having sex/ whose got the money/ who gets the honeys/ whose kind of cute/ and whose just a mess/ and you still don’t have the right looks/ and you don’t have the right friends/ nothing changes but the faces, the names, and the trends/ high school never ends

I only have a few CDs in Chinese, and of them most of my favorite songs have MVs, so I will rate them later, so most of the songs will be from the same groups.
1) S.H.E. “How are Things With You”
I was unable to find a translation of this song’s lyrics
2) Super Junior- M “Confession”
Eyes sending,sending my love (sending love)/ distance being pulled a little, a little closer (pulled closer)/ woken up from my beautiful dream/so it’s actually a dream, please/ accept this sincerity (sincerity)/ don’t ignore it (ignore)/ there is no reason to (no reason)/ oh baby/ it’s not that I like spacing out, but my heartbeat races as soon as I see you/ so please quick, quick, quick, quick understand my love/ just let me/ accompany you everywhere, to look at the sea, then confess romantically/ quickly say yeah/ say say say/ say “I love you too”. ”
3. Super Junior- M “The Moment”
Until you unknowingly entered my life/ my love, meeting your gaze/ resurrecting the moments ahead/ this moment is enough to freeze any impulse/ using the most beautiful rainbow to exchange for your brightest smile/ my heartbeat increases for this moment/ my whole body is now in flames/ warming the hug I gave you YEAH
4. S.H.E. “Love Was Here”
I was unable to find a translation of this song’s lyrics
5. Super Junior- M “At Least I Still Have You”
**This is my favorite song by this group**
I have to watch you even if I can’t move/ until I feel that your hairline/ has hints of snow white color/ Until my eyesight becomes blurry/ until I cannot breathe/ let us never part/ if I can give up the whole world/ at least there is still you for me to treasure/ and you are here/ that is the miracle of life/ maybe I can forget the whole world/ but I won’t be willing to lose news of you/ the mole on your palm/ I’ll always remember where it is

1. Super Junior “She’s Gone”
**My favorite song by this group**
It was absentminded stupidity on my part/ I’m sorry, my love/ when I see you with your back turned to me/ the time love clearly took/ Now I can see it too/ like a time of separation/ I saw it coming/ I didn’t know you were such a part of me/ if I could turn it all back/ no, if you would smile for me just once more/ by myself, I’m unable to hold your heart/ because of my foolish pride, I’m sorry my love
2. Super Junior “So I”
So I pray for you (oh) so I/ So I promise you (oh) so I/ I promise you everything/ I’m going to believe that it’s you (I’m going to believe that it’s you)/ Will you come to me/ I want to be just a little closer to your embrace/ Oh I love you, my love/ I’m always going to be this way
3. 2PM “Tired of Waiting”
Going insane while waiting/ and each day feels like a year/ oh~ I-I I I ~ was waiting and while I was waiting (yeah)/ It felt as if you would come back/ or if I look back I would see your face/ Oh~ IIII~ am going insane, going insane/ I am holding back just in case you come back.”
4. Sponge Band “Should I Hit him for You?”
If you’re sad again/ what am I to do?/ should I hit him for you?/ I’m so mad/ what am I supposed to do?/ can you forget him?/ can you erase him?/ are you going to him?/ stop right there, please don’t go/ don’t go to that person again”
Super Junior-M “Because It’s You (At Least I Still Have You) [Korean Version]”
**Have I not mentioned how much I love this song in any language???**
As time passes/ and I grow older/ after the top of your black hair/ becomes sprinkled with white snow/ both my eyes become blurry/ when my breath becomes labored/ that moment I wish/ to be together/ love/ a world as lovely as this/ because it’s you/ that a life was possible/ for me in this world, /that is a bigger miracle/ and those innumerable promises/ and after meeting you/ the first day’s sunlight/ even that scent/ I will remember

Ok, those are my recommendations for this week!

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