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Artist Profile- So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD) MV Links

Into the New World

Girls’ Generation

~This is the OST for Hong Gil Dong, no members appear in the MV~

Kissing You
~This features Super Junior’s Donghae~

Baby Baby
~This is the subbed version, it was the best quality~

Oppa Nappa (Bad Oppa)

Haptic Motion
~This was filmed with DBSK~

It’s Fantastic
~This is an MV for a game, starring member Tiffany as the lead~

~This is the OST for the drama Beethoven Virus~

~This is the OST for Story of Wine, no members appear in the MV~
**MV Not Found**

~Future SHINee member Minho is featured in this MV~

Way to Go
~This was filmed along with the Gee MV~

~This features Davichi and is an OST~

Ha Ha Ha (Public Version)

Ha Ha Ha (Incheon International Airport Version)
~SNSD actually blitzed the Incheon Airport for this one~

Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

Chocolate Love

~This was a join project with Super Junior as a publicity MV for Seoul~


Run Devil Run

La La La
~This was for a voting campaign~

~This is a CF For the LG Cyon~

Cagi Song
~This is a CF with 2PM members~

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Artist Profile- SoNyeoShiDae (Girl’s Generation) Part 1

This is another huge SM Entertainment group, so I’m splitting the member profiles from the discography. Here you will find their member profiles. I know I usually put the discography first, but I forgot how many singles and such SNSD has released, so you’ll just have to adapt to the SNSD artist profile being backwards.

So Nyeo Shi Dae is known by multiple names. The two most common are SNSD or the English Girl’s Generation. They are also known as Shao Nu Shi Dai in Chinese and ShoJoJiDai in Japan.

Since debut they have won numerous awards and are considered to be the “Living Legend Girl Group” of Korea, having achieved immense fame in a relatively short period of time. They debuted in 2007.

SNSD is the direct sister group to Super Junior, and SJ members helped to promote SNSD on numerous programs. Despite the closeness of the two groups, SNSD’s fanclub and Super Junior’s “ELF” fanclub are often separated at joint events since a fight broke out between them at the 2008 Dream Concert. Super Junior fans still publish false information about the group including claims of plastic surgery scandals and insulting remarks from SNSD members to Super Junior members, particularly former member Hangeng. These rumors ARE NOT TRUE, as each group has stated repeatedly.

Recently SNSD has been encouraging SM Entertainment’s newest girl group F(x), who are considered their younger sister group. Indeed, SNSD member Jessica and F(x) maknae Krystal are real-life sisters. SNSD’s fanclub played a large part early on in supporting F(x) because of this.

In the member profiles I included the “Team” breakup of SNSD. On programs they use a system of “Tall Team” and “Short Team” to divide the members, and the members themselves admit to using this method in their dorms as well. On programs the “Tall Team” wears flat shoes while the “Short Team” wears high heels or shoes they can hide shoe lifts in.



“Leader”, “Kid Leader”, “Pervert Taeng”
Taeyeon is SNSD’s “leader” (I’ll explain the quotes later). She is the oldest member at 21. Taeyeon has the image of being a big kid, and often acts silly on programs. She is part of the “Short Team” in SNSD, being only 5’3″. She speaks some English. When SNSD moved into their dorm shortly before debut she expressed worry that the members wouldn’t get along if they lived together. Taeyeon was a member of the show “We Got Married” in it’s first season, having been partnered with comedian HyungDon. She has said she is good friends with Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk, who gives her advice. The closeness of the two leaders has been noticed by fans and rumors often crop up saying the two are dating. Both leaders and SM Entertainment have repeatedly denied this. Almost all members of SNSD are within a year of each other, and so Taeyeon has said they all voted that SNSD has no leader. She is still officially considered SNSD’s leader, but within the group she no longer recognizes the position, hence the quotes around the word “leader”. During a performance early on in SNSD’s career Taeyeon went to hit member YoonA on the butt (a sign of encouragement most idol groups do). A photo taken by a fan of Taeyeon with a weird expression led to the birth of her nickname “Byuntaeng” (Byuntae meaning “Pervert” in Korean).


“Sica”, “Ice Princess”, “Sergeant Sic”
Jessica is one of two SNSD members from the United States. She is considered to be fluent in Korean as well as English. Initially she had the image of being cold and disconnected in SNSD, and so she was given the nickname “Ice Princess” by the fans and members. She shares a close friendship with Super Junior member Heechul, who refers to the two of them often as “HeeSica”. Jessica is real-life big sister to F(x) maknae Krystal and the two are very close. At F(x)’s debut Jessica’s fans sent many flowers to Krystal and the other members on her behalf, as SNSD could not attend the debut. She appeared in Super Junior M’s “SuperGirl” MV, since she is considered the SNSD member with the greatest popularity in China. She previously starred in the widely successful musical “Legally Blond” as Elle Woods. Jessica expressed a strong desire to record a duet with her sister Krystal. So far the closest they have come to this is a duet stage at SM Town Live concerts where they perform KE$HA’s “Tik Tok” together. She is another member of SNSD’s “Short Team”

Soonkyu/ Sunny

Real Name: SoonKyu
“DJ Soon”, “Sunny Bunny”, “The Shortest”
Sunny is one of SNSD’s most popular members for her cute personality and looks. She is considered President of the “Short Team”, being the shortest member at 5’1″. She initially trained in SM Entertainment under a false name, since the Founder and President of SM Entertainment, Lee SooMan, is her real-life uncle. She trained for 5 years in another entertainment company before auditioning at SM Entertainment and debuted with SNSD 9 months after being admitted. She made her DJ debut hosting “Chunji Radio” with Super Junior member Sungmin shortly after SNSD’s own debut. She also appeared in Super Junior H’s “Cooking? Cooking!” song and MV as the girlfriend who is a horrible chef.

Stephanie/Tiffany/Mi Young

Real Name(s): Stephanie, Mi Young
“Fany”, “Clumsy Fany”, “Mushroom”
Tiffany is the second SNSD member from the United States. She is one of SNSD’s more childish members and has a cute image. Tiffany was cast from LA in 2004 and trained for over 3 years. Her role in SNSD is lead vocalist along with members Sunny, Jessica, and Taeyeon. Tiffany is considered one of the members with the most energy, always being happy and smiling on programs. In SNSD’s “Horror Movie Factory” she helped conspire against leader Taeyeon in a prank. Tiffany served as an MC for MBC’s “Music Core” with fellow member Yuri. She is also a member of the “Short Team”, being 5’2″ and is known for frequently wearing high heels, which she explained on a show are her personal favorite thing to wear.


“Tiger”, “Princess Fiona”, “Dancing Queen”
Hyoyeon is the lead dancer of SNSD and has been since debut. In 2004 she was sent to China with Super Junior member Siwon to learn about the culture and language. She is fluent in Korean and chinese, and can speak English. Hyoyeon is one of the members who trained the longest, training for 6 years and 1 month before debut. She is the second shortest member of SNSD, being taller than  member Sunny by .01 inches (1 centimeter). She has the image of being cheerful and witty, often teasing the leader and younger members. When Hyoyeon auditioned for SM Entertainment she initially was placed with the male dancers. One of her specialties is hip-hop.


“Playful Yul”, “Black Pearl”, “Class-President Kwon”
The first member of the “Tall Team” at 5’4″, Yuri is one of SNSD’s lead dancers and actors. She made her debut in early 2007 with a special guest appearance in Super Junior’s movie “Attack on the Pin Up Boys” as a ballerina-turned-break dancer. Before that she appeared in numerous commercials. She also made a guest appearance in Super Junior’s “Super Junior Show” in a mini-skit called “The King’s Boyfriend”. She is fluent in Chinese and speaks English, having shown off her skills in SNSD’s “Girl Factory” program when she went with members Jessica, Tiffany, and Sooyoung to New York. She has the image of being one of the more serious members of SNSD.


“God of Food”, “Interrupter”, “DJ Sooyoung”
Sooyoung is one of the lead dancers of SNSD. She is fluent in Japanese and Korean, and is also proficient in acting. Sooyoung holds the title of being “President of the Tall Team” in SNSD, at 5’5″ she is the tallest member. On programs she is known to tease members Hyoyeon and Sunny, and when she is loosing the fights she walks closer to the two in order to show off the massive height difference. When the members run from her she is declared the winner. Sooyoung acts as the big sister to SNSD, even though she is one of the younger members. She has the image of being cute and sarcastic, and also is known for her love of all foods. She first appeared in a Japanese video in 2002 as a backup girl. She sang the OST for the Korean version of “Inuyasha” and has acted in numerous programs and shows. In SNSD’s “Horror Movie Factory” she was named the member most suited to film a horror movie. She was a DJ for Chunji Radio with Sunny and Super Junior’s Sungmin. Before debut she was also a model for school uniforms by the company “Rocks”.


“Yoong”, “Deer”, “Strong Yoona”
Yoona is one of the most popular members of SNSD, being the groups youngest lead dancer and actor. She also trained the longest, being a trainee for just over 7 years (5 spent at SM Entertainment before debut). She is a member of the “Tall Team” at 5’4″. Yoona has the image of being a cute and proper girl, though she has gained much popularity from her “Alligator Laugh” and boyish voice. She appeared in Super Junior’s “U” music video and in label-mate CSJH The Grace’s music video “My Everything” along with Super Junior member Kibum. She was later cast in Super Junior’s “Marry U” music video.Yoona entered into a short-lived scandal with Super Junior leader Leeteuk, who has been a close friend of Yoona since she entered the company. He revealed on a program with Yoona that he had asked her years before to promise her she would marry him if they didn’t find anyone else (as a joke). When the MC of the show was talking about how much he liked Yoona and was complementing her, Leeteuk quietly walked across stage and covered her ears.

JooHyun/ Seohyun

Real Name: JooHyun
“Maknae”, “Seororo”, “Hyun”
Seohyun is the maknae (youngest) of SNSD being only 19. She initially had the traditional cute image that comes with being the youngest, but has taken on the image of being extremely proper and sophisticated. Since she went to train when she was  only 12 years old, she promised her parents to still work hard to be a good girl. She therefore eats only healthy foods and reads self-improvement books. Seohyun has never raised her voice or gotten angry at another member, a fact which has been driving SNSD crazy and causing them to try to provoke her on shows to no avail. Members have revealed she urges all SNSD members to be healthier, claiming whenever a member eats a hamburger Seohyun tells them they will die. She is the youngest of the lead vocalists in SNSD and is a member of the “Tall Team”, being 5’4″. She is currently a member of the show “We Got Married”, having been partnered with C.N. Blue leader YongHwa. She is fluent in Chinese and speaks English as well.


Artist Profile: SoNyeoShiDae (Girl’s Generation) Part 2

This is another huge SM Entertainment group, so I’m splitting the member profiles from the discography. Here you will find their album and track listings, and awards. I know I usually put the discography first, but I forgot how many singles and such SNSD has released, so you’ll just have to adapt to the SNSD artist profile being backwards.

So Nyeo Shi Dae is known by three names. Most commonly their name is abbreviated SNSD or translated to the English “Girl’s Generation”, which is as common in Korea as their Korean name. In China they are Shao Nu Shi Dai and in Japan they are Sho Jo Ji Dai, but the abbreviation SNSD is common to cover their appearance in any Asian country. They are called the “Living Legend Girl Group” as they have reached such high popularity in such a short period of time.

They debuted in 2007 and are considered to be Super Junior’s direct sister group, as they have 9 members and Super Junior appeared in many shows with them and helped to promote the group on programs.

SNSD faced one major controversy when, at the 2008 SBS Dream Concert, SNSD’s male fans got into a series of fights with Super Junior’s female fans. Both groups were upset by the fighting. Super Junior fans refused to cheer during SNSD’s performance, and SNSD fans tore down Super Junior’s 15ft tall banners at the venue. There also was direct fighting. As both SNSD and Super Junior are close friends, each group encouraged the fans to get along. Since then Super Junior fans and SNSD fans have been seated on separate levels at the Dream Concert.


Into the New World
This was a debut mini album released before their first full length album
1) Into the New World
~~SNSD’s debut song
2) Beginning
~~This song was performed along side Into the New World on many programs. It is a korean version to “2 Blocks Down” by English girl-group “Play”
3) Perfect for You
4) Into the New World (instrumental)

Girl’s Generation
This was their debut album released November 1 2007.
1) Girl’s Generation
~This was one of their promotional songs
2) Ooh La La!
3) Complete
4) Kissing You
~The MV for this featured Super Junior’s Donghae
5) Merry-Go-Round
6) “Tears”
7) Tinkerbell
8] 7989
~This song features vocals by former H.O.T. member Kangta
9) Honey
10) Into the New World
~This was SNSD’s debut song. It features cute lyrics that gained them many fans from early on.

Baby Baby (Repackaged)
This was a repackaged version of the “Girl’s Generation” album, featuring several new songs.
1) Girl’s Generation
2) Ooh La La!
3) Baby Baby
4) Complete
5) Kissing You
6) Merry-Go-Round
7) Tears
8] Tinkerbell
9) 7989
10) Honey
11) Into the New World
12) Kissing You (Skool Rock Remix)
13) Let’s Go Girls’ Generation (long version)
14) Let’s Go Girls’ Generation (short version)

Gee [Mini Album]
This gained SNSD massive popularity in Korea and overseas
1) Gee
~~One of SNSD’s most popular songs. It has inspired a rash of boy-group covers and even inspired the short lived group “Wonder Boys”, a collection of singers from the most popular groups in Korea such as Super Junior, 2AM, 2PM, and SHINee; Wonder Boys always performed “Gee” and dedicated it to SNSD.
2) Way to Go!
3) Dear Mom
~~This is rumored to be part of a two-song tribute carried through by their sister group F(x) who sang the song “Dear Daddy”
4) Destiny
5) Let’s Talk About Love

Genie [Mini Album]
This Mini Album won SNSD the Golden Disk award for “Best Album”, one of the top music honors in Korea
1) Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
~~This is arguably SNSD’s most popular song. It has more of a sexy style and the group hit it big along with the song’s release.
2) Etude
3) Girlfriend
4) Boyfriend
5) My Child
6) One Year Later
~~This song was sung by member Jessica featuring SHINee’s Onew

1) Oh!
~~This cute song gained great popularity and won numerous awards
2) Show! Show! Show!
~~It was rumored originally that the “Black SNSD” hinted at the end of the “Oh!” music video would appear in this song, as the costume styles were similar.
3) 뻔&Fun (Sweet Talking Baby)
4) 영원히 너와 꿈꾸고 싶다 (Forever)
5) Be Happy
6) Boys and Girls
~~This song features KEY of brother group SHINee
7) Talk to Me
~~This song is sung by members Jessica and Tiffany
8] Star Star Star
~~The title for this song is literally three stars
9) Stick Wit U
10)  Day By Day
11) Gee
12) Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

Run Devil Run
This is the repackaged version of “Oh!”
1) Run Devil Run
~~SNSD promoted this song heavily. It is dedicated to the girl fans who have been hurt by love.
2) Oh!
3) Echo
4) Star Star Star [Acoustic R&B Version]
~~Again, the title for this is literally three stars
5) Show! Show! Show!
6) 뻔&Fun (Sweet Talking Baby)
7) 영원히 너와 꿈꾸고 싶다 (Forever)
8] Be Happy
~~If you though Oh! was upbeat and peppy, you should check this song out, it puts it to shame
9) Boys and Girls
~~This song featured KEY of SHINee
10) Talk To Me
~~This was sung only by members Jessica and Tiffany
11) Star Star Star
12) Stick Wit U
13) Day By Day
14) Gee
15) Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)

Into the New World (Remix)
1) Into the New World (Remix)

Kissing You (Rythmer Remix Volume 1)
1) Kissing You (Skool Rock Remix)
2) Kissing You (House Remix)
3) Kissing You (Groovy Candy Remix)
4) Kissing You (Funk Remix)

Too much text! So here is a picture to look at. L-R (Top to bottom): Sunny, Yuri, Tiffany, Sooyoung, Seohyun, Taeyeon, Yoona, Jessica, Hyoyeon

Oppa Nappa
1) Oppa Nappa
~~Sung by members Jessica, Seohyun, and Tiffany

Haptic Motion
1) Haptic Motion
~~Sung by members Taeyeon, Jessica, Seohyun, and Sunny. This song is an advertisement for Anycall, a cell phone brand in Korea.

I can’t Bear it Anymore (Bear Song)
1) I Can’t Bear it Anymore (Bear Song)
~~Sung by members Taeyeon, Jessica, Seohyun, and Sunny

1) HaHaHa
~~This is a part of the Samsung HaHaHa song campaign

Chocolate Love (Retro-Pop Version)
1) Chocolate Love (Retro Pop Version)
~~This song is an advertisement for the LG Chocolate cell phone, SNSD and F(x) were chosen as spokespeople for them, and each group recorded their own music video with their version of the song. The phones were sold with the song pre-downloaded into it as a ringtone.

Mobile Song
1) Hey! Cooky
~~This was an advertisement for the LG Cyon Cooky phone

Cabi Song
1) Cabi Song
~~This is sung by members Taeyeon, Jessica, Seohyun, and Tiffany with the male idol group 2PM. It is part of the Caribbean Bay campaign.


2007 Winter SMTown- Only Love
Track 7) “Melody”
~~All members of SNSD sang this with SMTown, the official name given to all SM Entertainment singers when they perform as one group instead of separately.

2008- Yoon Sang Song Book: Play with Him
Track 3) Lallalla
~~All members performed this with singer Yoon Sang

1) JjaRaJaJja
~~No, I didn’t mis-type, that is the song name! This song was performed by Joo Hyun Mi with SNSD member Seohyun and duet group Davichi.

Blue Note- Tropping the Tears
Track 4) A Girl, Meets Love
~~This was performed by member Tiffany with K. Will

Muhan Dojeon 2nd Album Olympic Daero Duet Song Contest
Track 5) Naeng Myun
~~This song was performed by “MyungCa Drive”, a duo of SNSD member Jessica and singer Park Myung Soo

I love You
Track 1) I Love You
~~This song is primarily sung by the group 8eight featuring Jessica

The First Memories
Track 2) Oh! My Love to You
~~This is sung primarily by The Blue featuring Tiffany and Sooyoung

SNSD has recorded songs for many soundtracks. I will list the show and song below, with which members were involved in the recording.

SBS Thirty Thousand Miles in Search of my Son
Track 1) Touch the Sky
~~Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Seohyun

KBS Hong Gil Dong
Track 2) If (Manyage)
Track 5) Jageun Bae “The Little Boat”
~~Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Seohyun

Nexon Game Mabinogi
1) Mabinogi (It’s Fantastic!)
~~Jessica, Tiffany, Seohyun

SBS Working Mom
Track 1) Kkok (For Sure)
~~Yuri and Sooyoung
Track 2) Sarang-eul Mollayo (Wang Ji Ta) “You Don’t Know About Love

MBC Beethoven Virus
Track 7) Deullinayo (Can You Hear Me?)
Track 13) Day by Day
~~Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, Seohyun

IPTV Story of Wine
Track 2) Ljeseoya (Finally Now)

SBS Ja Myung Go
1) By Myself

MBC Heading to the Ground
~~This show starred U-Know Yunho, former leader of SNSD’s eldest brother group DBSK
1) It’s Love
~~Taeyeon, Sunny
2) Motion
~~Taeyeon, Jessica, Sunny, Tiffany, and Seohyun

SBS Oh! My Lady
~~This popular comedy starred Super Junior member Siwon. SNSD members made a brief guest appearance on the show.
1) Your Doll

Kim Soo Ro
1) It’s Okay even if it Hurts

Lots of text, so random pictures for you. L-R (Top to bottom): Sooyoung, Seohyun, Yuri, Hyoyeon, Yoona, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny, Taeyeon. From "Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) promotions

2007- Rookie of the Month [August] (Cyworld Digital Music Awards)
2007- Best New Female Group (14th Annual Korean Entertainment Arts Awards)
2007- Anycall Newcomer Award (22nd Golden Disk Awards)
2007- Anycall Popularity Award (22nd Golden Disk Awards)
2008- High1 Music Award (17th Seoul Music Awards)
2008- Best New Artist Award (17th Seoul Music Awards)
2008- Hot Sweet Music Award [Kissing You] (M.Net 20’s Choice Awards)
2008- Best Female Group (15th Annual Korean Entertainment Arts Awards)
2009- Song of the Month [January] “Gee” (Cyworld Digital Music Awards)
2009- Best Female Singer Award (Nickelodeon Korea Kids Choice Awards)
2009- 2009 Young Artist Award (Incheon Culture Day Ceremony)
2009- Artist Daesang [Best Artist] (17th Korean Cultural Entertainment Awards)
2009- Digital Daesang Award (Best Album) [Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)] (Golden Disk Awards)
2009- Digital Bonsang Award (Best Artist) (Golden Disk Awards)
~~This award was also given to their brother-group Super Junior at the same show
2009- Pop Music Award (Congress Daesang Ceremony Award)
2009- Special Award (Best Singer) (2009 MBC Entertainment Awards)
2010- Best Female Group (Korea Entertainment Arts Awards)
2010- Content Industry Award (Special Honor) (Korean Ministry of Culture and Tourism)
2010- Bonsang Award (Seoul Music Awards)
2010- Digital Music Award (Seoul Music Awards)
2010- Daesang Award (Seoul Music Awards)
2010- Song of the Year “Gee” (Korean Music Awards)
2010- Group Musician of the Year (Korean Music Awards)

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