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Naturally- Selena Gomez

My cousin recommended this song to me and I have to admit, the minute I saw the Disney stamp on the MV I almost turned it off. I think Disney is terrible when it comes to producing singers. See “Rant #4- Disney Curse” for more on THAT one.

Anyways, I’m glad I didn’t turn off the music video. This one was unusual for Disney, it had substance and looked pretty good. It was very reminiscent of Craig David’s “Insomnia” to me, but oh well.

Lyrics: 5/5
I almost took a point off for it being produced by Disney, but I resisted. The song isn’t cookie-cutter kiddie pop, it actually has a little meaning (which is huge for most english songs, and legendary for Disney). I like the beat and I like the message the lyrics bring through.
You are the thunder/ and I am the lightning/ and I love the way you know/ who you are/ to me it’s exciting/ when you know it’s meant to be/ everything comes naturally/ it comes naturally/ when you’re with me baby/ everything comes naturally/ it comes naturally/ba-ba-baby”

Story: NA
There is no story to this MV beyond the song, as there are with most.

Dancing: NA
I think this song could be choreographed really easily and well, but it is pretty much Disney’s trademark Stand-Still-And-Kind-Of-Wiggle-Your-Arms dance

Overall: 4/5
The MV lost some points from the directing, it was a bit too cookie-cutter at times, but overall I like it. The attitude of the piece is more grown up than Disney usually produces, without being whacked-out skank style.

Other Interesting Things:
There is a shot in the MV when the singer in white is mixed with the singer wearing black. This was a pretty neat cut and I really respect the editor for it. I like it.

Hairdresser gets fired. Namely with the black shots. The hair is too poofy, Selena Gomez has a small face and she looks totally swallowed by the hair.


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