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Artist Profile- FT Island MV Links

Love Sick

I’m Happy
~The subbed version was higher quality~

~This is a three-part story MV with “Only One Person” and “A Mans First Love Follows Him to the Grave”~

Only One Person
~This is a three-part story MV with “Thunder” and “A Mans First Love Follows Him to the Grave”~

A Man’s First Love Follows Him to the Grave
~This is a three-part story MV with “Thunder” and “Only One Person”~

FT Island
**MV Not Found**

Until You Return
~This is a story MV~
**MV Not Found**

Soyogi (Japanese)
~Again, the subbed version was higher quality~

After Love

Girls Don’t Know

Don’t Love
~This is a story MV, the sequal to every other story MV they put out!~

Love Is…
~This MV is for the movie “Antique”, a Brokeback-Mountain type flick, but a comedy, not a romance as much (from the trailer that is my guess)~

Heaven (Part 1)
~In case you haven’t noticed, FT Island likes Story MVs~

Heaven (Part 2)
~Seriously, either them or their company is obsessed~
**MV Not Found**

Bad Woman

Missing U
~This has references to their other many story MVs~

I Hope

Love Letter
~This is actually by FT Triple, a sub-unit consisting of Jaejin as vocals, Minhwan as drummer, and Jonghoon as keyboard~

**MV Not Found**

The One
~This is in english~

I Believe Myself (Japanese)

Raining (Japanese)
~Yes, those are chinese subs, this is the best quality video I could find~

Flower Rock
**MV Not Found, only the teasers for it**

Brand-New Days

Love Love Love


Artist Profile- FT Island

“FT Island” stands for “Five-Talent Island”, and their fans call themselves “Primadonna”. They debuted in 2007 under F&C Music and also work under Warner Music when performing in Japan. They sing a mixture of Ballad and Rock/Pop songs, their most popular being “I Hope” from the album “Cross & Change”. I’m a pretty new FT Island fan, so I don’t know as much trivia behind their songs.

**Amendment: FT Island actually stands for “Five Treasure Islands”, with each member being one treasure. I don’t know how I got the two words mixed up when I first typed this… Thanks for correcting me!!!**

Cheerful Sensibility
This album actually has 3 Versions, each with slightly different songs on them. I will put each Version in it’s own mini-section for simplicity sake. The album was the 6th best-selling album of 2007 in Korea.

Volume 1: Cheerful Sensibility
1) 사랑앓이 “Love Sick”
~~ This song was at the top of the K-Pop charts for 8 weeks consecutively.
2)행복합니다 (I’m Happy)
3) 천둥 (Thunder)
4) 한사람만 (Only One Person)
5) 집착 (Cling)
6) 남자의 첫사랑은 무덤까지 간다 (A Man’s First Love Follows Him To The Grave)
~~This song featured a two-part story MV, which will be reviewed later on
7) 하지말래요 (They Said To Stop)
8] FT Island
~~Part of this song is still sung by their fans at comeback performances (The F-T-I-S-Lan-D chant)
9) Reo Reo
10) Primadonna
11) 마중 (Meeting)
12) 사랑하는 법을 몰라서 (Because I Didn’t Know How To Love)
13) 첫키스 (First Kiss)

Volume 2: The Refreshment
1) 너 올 때까지 (Until You Return)
2) 사랑이야 (It’s Love)
3) 눈물이 더 가까운 사람 (A Person Who’s Closer To Tears)
4) 사랑앓이 (Love Sick)
5) 행복합니다 (I’m Happy)
6) 천둥 (Thunder)
7) 한사람만 (Only One Person)
8] 집착 (Cling)
9) 남자의 첫사랑은 무덤까지 간다 (A Man’s First Love Follows Him To The Grave)
10) 하지말래요 (They Said To Stop)
Disk 2
1) FT Island
2) Reo Reo
3) Primadonna
4) 마중 (Meeting)
5) 사랑하는 법을 몰라서 (Because I Didn’t Know How To Love)
6) 첫키스 (First Kiss)

Volume 3: Prologue of FT Island
This album is a mixture of Korean, Japanese, and English. Because of this I’ve put the language each song is in below it. If I get the language wrong let me know so I can fix it please.
1) Friendship
2) ミライジテンシャ (Mirai Jitensha)
~~ Japanese
3) Soyogi
4) Stars
5) A Song For You
6) FT Island
~~ I couldn’t find a clip of this, so I don’t know what language it is in
7) Primadonna
8. Always Be Mine

Colorful Sensibility
This is FT Islands second full-length album, and guitarist/back up vocal Won-Bin’s last album with FT Island before he decided to leave the group.
1) 사랑후애 (譃愛) (After Love)
2) 여자는 몰라 (Girls Don’t Know)
3) 그대는 사랑입니다 (You Are Love)
4) Love Is
5) 멋쟁이 vs 예쁜이 (FT vs PRI) (The Cool vs The Pretty)
6) 외워두기 (Memorize)
7) 미워하고 원망하고 (Hate And Resentment)
8] 1분 1초도 (One Minute And One Second)
9) 사랑하지마요 (Don’t Love Me)
10) 사랑이라 부르는 이름 (A Name Called Love)
11) Troublemaker
12) Train

Volume 2: Colorful Sensibility Part 2
1) 너를 사랑해 (Love Is…) (Loving You)
2) Heaven
3) 너의 안부를 물을 때 (When I Am Asking About Your Well-Being)
4) 바램 (Prayer)
5) 내 오랜 그녀와 해야 할 일 (The Thing I Should Have Continued With Her)
6) 그대는 사랑입니다 (Remix) (You Are Love)

Jump Up
This is the first FT Island CD featuring Seung Hyun, who replaced Won Bin after his departure.
1) 나쁜 여자야 (Bad Woman)
~~This song became widely successful and is considered one of the group’s most popular songs.
2) 인형 처럼 (Like A Doll)
3) 마법 (Magic)
4) Missing You
~~This song was performed live during FT Island’s comeback promotions
5) 그대와 나 (You And I)
6) 어쩌란 말이야 (What Can I Do?)

Cross & Change
This if FT Island’s most popular CD yet, featuring the hit song “바래(I Hope)”.
1) 빙빙빙 (Bing Bing Bing)
~~This song is more like a duet between the lead singer Hongki and guitarist JaeJin, it was performed live during FT Island’s comeback promotions.
2) 바래 (I Hope)
~~The lead song from this CD, FT Island performed this on music programs. The song and rap became widely popular.
3) 미우나 고우나 (Love It, Hate It)
4) 천사와 나무꾼 (Angel and the Woodsman)
5) 소년 소녀를 만나다 (Boy Meets Girl)
6) 결혼해줘 (Let’s Get Married)
7) 꼭은 아니더라도 (It’s Not Necessary)
8] 첫눈에 알아 (I Knew from First Sight)
9) 보내주기 (Send Away)
10) 못난이 (Ugly)
11) 남의 속도 모르고 (Make Little of Others)
12) 바래 (I Hope) (Ver. 2)

Version 2: Double Date
1) Lie
2) 사랑이 왔나봐 (Love Must Have Come)
3) A Song For You
4) 빙빙빙(Bing Bing Bing)
5) 바래(I Hope)
6) 미우나 고우나(Love it,Hate It)
7) 천사와 나무꾼(Angel And Woodsman)
8] 소녀를 만나다(소나기(Boy Meets Girl)
9) 결혼해줘(Let’s Get Married)
10) 꼭은 아니더라도…(Even It’s Not Necessary)
11) 첫눈에 알아(I Knew From First Sight)
12) 보내주기(Send Away)
13) 못난이(Ugly)
14) 남의 속도 모르고(Make Little Of Others)
Disk 2
Disk 2 features songs by the sub-group FT Triple, which includes the members Jonghun, Jaejin, and Minhwan.
1) 러브레터(Love Letter)
2) 멀리멀리(Far Away)
3) 꼬집어봐도(Even If You Pinch Me)

So Long, Au Revoir
This CD also includes songs in Korean, Japanese, and English
1) Ready Go!!
2) Live Like a Musical
~~ Japanese (I think) and English
3) TV Radio
~~ English
4) Everything is Possible
~~ Japanese and English
5) I Believe My Self
~~ Japanese
6) Raining
7) Moonlight Angel
~~Korean and English
8] You’ll Be in my Heart
~~English and Korean
9) It’s U
10) The One
~~ English, this song first appeared on FT Island’s mini album by the same name.
11) Winter’s Night
12) Bonus Track (FT Island Commentary)
~~ This is just a spoken part by the members. There is Japanese, Korean, and some sarcastic english


Lee Hongki
Hongki debuted as an actor in 2002 in a popular elementary student sitcom. A director from the show heard him singing on set and recommended that he train to become a singer. Hongki still acts and has taken part in multiple TV shows (the most recent and popular being his portrayal of the innocent and cute Jeremy in “You’re Beautiful”) and has participated in stage shows such as “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. He was one of the leads in the reality show “Good Daddies”, being the youngest daddy nicknamed the “Flower Daddy” by the daughter. In this show he befriended Super Junior member Heechul and both are very close. Hongki promoted Super Junior’s Marry U as his cell phone ringtone, and changed it to Super Junior’s It’s You when the song was released. They are popular as a duo on programs. Hongki is known for his playful and fun attitude. Members of FT Island revealed he likes to shoot them with toy guns when he is bored at the dorms. He has a puppy given to him by his fans.

Despite being younger than Hongki by 5 days, Jonghun was made leader of FT Island (usually the eldest is leader, but since Hongki is the lead singer the title went to Jonghun). He also serves as one of the lead guitarists for the group. In FT Triple he plays the piano. Jonghun tends to be quieter than Hongki, giving the impression that Hongki is leader of FT Island. Jonghun was the second member of FT Island to participate in the program M.Net Scandal. He is in his third year of college studying Digital Music.

One of the younger members of FT Island, Jaejin only recently graduated from High School. He is the lead Bass player for the group and participates in the rap parts on their albums, he is also the lead singer of FT Triple. Jaejin has a cute and sweet image. He recently began acting in stage performances with positive results. Jaejin is shown to help the members so much he was given the nickname “Volunteer” by the fans.

The Drummer of FT Island and FT Triple, Minhwan was the youngest member of the group before the introduction of new member Seunghyun. He has the image of being sweet and cute (which is the standard image for a group’s youngest member). In a dorm tour it was revealed that he moved his bed into the group’s living room because he liked the space more for it’s light. He is one of two members of FT Island still in High School, reaching the position of senior this year.

The newest member of FT Island, Seunghyun is a guitarist, backup vocalist, and rapper for the group. He is not a part of FT Triple, but is a regular member of the show “Idol Maknae Rebellion”, “Maknae” being the official title of the youngest member of any group. Because of the sudden announcement of former member Wonbin’s departure and Seunghyun’s addition to the group he had many anti-fans. On one program he talked about how hurt he was when he saw his anti-fan numbers had reached over 2,500. In order to lift his mood Hongki reassured him that he “has over 6,000 anti-fans”. Initially Hongki and Seunghyun appeared most on shows, with Hongki promoting Seunghyun’s image until he got more used to the cameras. Seunghyun’s work on “Idol Maknae Rebellion” earned him immense popularity and the nickname of “Baseless Confidence Man” (on the program he often fails at what he attempts, such as his impersonation of Beyoncé).

Former Member
Before Seunghyun, Wonbin was a guitarist, backup vocalist, and rapper for FT Island. He had immense popularity within the group. Fans of FT Island were shocked with the sudden announcement that Won Bin was leaving the group. This was either due to personal reasons or due to a difference in musical opinions within the group. He returned to being a trainee at his company and recently released a CD. He is also reported to have been offered an acting opportunity.

2007- Best New Male Group (M.Net Asian Music Awards)
2007- Award [for the song “Lovesick”] (M.Net Asian Music Awards)
2007, July 26- 1st Place “Lovesick” (M.Net’s M!Countdown weekly music review)
2007, July 29- Mutizen Award “Lovesick” (SBS Inkigayo weekly music review)
2007- August 5- Mutizen Award “Lovesick” (SBS Inkigayo weekly music review)
2007- August 12- Mutizen Award “Lovesick” (SBS Inkigayo weekly music review)
2007- Most Beautiful Lips (Blistex)
2007- September 14- Weekly #1 Song “Lovesick”, Weekly #2 Song “Thunder” (KBS Music Bank weekly music review)
2007- Best New Group (Asian Song Festival)
2007- Anycall’s Popularity Award (Golden Disk Awards)
2007- Best New Artist (Golden Disk Awards)
2008- Mutizen Award  (SBS Inkigayo)
2008- Rookie of the Year (Seoul Music Awards)
2008- Asia’s Most Popular Artist Award (SEED Awards in Thailand)
2008- Best Male Group (Korean Entertainment Awards)
2008- YEPP Popularity Award (Golden Disk Awards)
2009- Male Singer Award (Korean Entertainment Awards)
2009- Top Ten Singer Award (Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards)
2009- 1st Place “I Hope” (MNet M!Countdown weekly music review)
2010- Male Singer Award (Republic of Korea Entertainment Awards)