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Time for Miracles- Adam Lambert

Was this song in “2012”? Because if not I won’t believe you. Every background shot is a reference to the movie, and there are shots from the movie in it. I saw “2012” about 4 times in theaters and I don’t remember this song from it, but still.

The song is about facing the end of a relationship and wishing there was a way to save it… Or it is about being lonely and without love and wishing for one last chance at love. Either way it is asking for a miracle, saying it is time for even a little hope and luck.
I know this flame isn’t dying/ so nothing can keep me from trying/ baby you know that/ maybe it’s time for miracles/ cause I ain’t givin’ up on love/ you know that/ maybe it’s time for miracles/ cause I ain’t giving up on love”

None- just some shots directly from “2012” and some shots that are kind of like “While this was happening lets look on the next street”. Their favorite theme is the scene where LA is being destroyed by an earthquake. You don’t see the cast directly (the limo a lot), but you see people running and Lambert walking calmly down the street singing amidst the destruction.

Watch 2012. I don’t think this song fits perfectly into the movie, but I’ve seen worse choices. For example: “What I’ve Done” in “Transformers”. That song made absolutely no sense as the credit song. But this one works I guess. It draws more focus to the love story aspect of the movie, namely the love story between the President’s daughter and the scientist (I don’t remember character names… The girl from “Avatar” and the guy from “Serenity”). I think the song in the MV focuses more on the idea of asking God for a miracle after all the horrors of the movie “2012”.

Other Things

Take the song away from the plot for “2012” and you have a totally different meaning. Just saying.


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For Your Entertainment- Adam Lambert

I really have missed typing reviews these last two weeks, I think I’m in a review-withdrawal… So I’m going to try to take care of some tonight to get back on the wagon ^^

This song is definitely a hit away from the usual you hear from Lambert (well, at least what I’ve heard). It’s a bit more of a sexy song… Ok, I liked, it’s a LOT more of a sexy song. You can take it two ways, but it is definitely meant to be taken in a more sexual way. If you listen with the right mind though you could tweak the lyrics. I’ll explain later. The song is about having met a seemingly sweet boy who turns out to be a bit of a wild child.
No escapin’ when I start/ once I’m in I own your heart/ there’s no way to ring the alarm/ so hold on until it’s over/ oh, do you know what you got into/ can you handle what I’m about to do/ cause it’s about to get rough with you/ I’m here for your entertainment/ oh, I bet you thought I was awfully sweet/ though an angel swept you off your feet/ but I’m about to turn up the heat/ I’m here for your entertainment”

There is actually dancing here, which impressed me. It’s done almost exclusively by backup dancers, but he plays a good part in the dance and follows the moves with his own rhythm. I don’t know if he does this on stage, I hope so. I especially like the work with the cane and the dancers. it is all very quick and he does surprisingly well. Like I  said, I sincerely hope he does this in live performances, the dance works. You really only see it on the chorus, but still.

This live performance got Lambert in a lot of trouble~

There isn’t really a story in the lyrics or in the video. The scenery seems REALLY disjointed though. The MV starts with shots of a city street, then it pans underground to a dim and wild club, which fits perfectly with the song and the MV. My issues are with the shots of Adam Lambert walking through a forest. It doesn’t fit with anything and I think it was a bad idea. While it doesn’t really bother you at first glance, when you think about it it just doesn’t fit. At the end the camera pans right back up to the street. I like MV’s that end like that- it suits them well.

Other Things

Adam Lambert, for those of you who haven’t heard, is one of the only mainstream openly gay people out there. This MV has a very good balance that kind of shows that without really overly promoting it. I don’t mean it’s bad or anything that he’s gay, it’s hard to explain. You know those MV’s where the director dwells too hard on something? Yeah, that kind of thing. The ones where you think “Ok, we get it, move on”. This one did a really great job of creating a balance between the preferences. In the MV Adam Lambert does sexy dances with both men and women without drawing any attention to the difference, it’s just there. I like that he’s taking that approach. It’s a very natural MV.

Ok, what I was saying about the lyrics. You can almost imagine him saying “I’m here for your entertainment” to mean he’s here to sing for you and entertain you and even though he may not look like much he is a powerful performer. But the song is definitely meant in a more sexual way. But you don’t necessarily have to take it like that. If you switched up the lyrics in like 2 spots you can change the entire meaning of the song. I think that is what I like most about it, it’s difficult to hammer down.

I do have a bit of a complaint with Lambert himself, and this was up to the director to monitor, so the blame lies with both of them. It’s in Lambert’s expressions in his solo shots. They are kind of all over the place and then become repetitive. The director should have been keeping an eye on that and making sure the expressions were what was needed, and Lambert should have practiced more at home. It feels kind of unnatural to him and awkward.

I would have liked it if the shots with the dancers was a little more clear. You can see Lambert perfectly, but the dancers around him are kind of hard to see at times. While I know Lambert is the important one here, if you are going to have dancers you need to find a way to make them visible without overriding the singer. They are kind of half-blurred and it just draws your eye from him to them, which I’m thinking is the opposite of what was intended.

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